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Walt Disney Story The Man Who Laughed Millions of Children

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A Biography of Animation Pioneer Walt Disney who made the world laugh young and old.

There is no child who watched the movies and did not watch Walt Disney's "cartoon" , and laughed with him and was affected by him. These cartoons were not just sequential drawings without meaning, but rather they reflected an entertaining story, especially between the cat "Tom" and the mouse "Jerry", and how the little mouse overcomes his wit and intelligence On the big cat. The story of the struggle of Walt Disney, the pioneer of animation, we should stop at it, as it was full of perseverance, challenge, failure and success until he reached a legendary pioneer.

Here we will learn about the life story of Walt Disney

Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901, in Chicago, United States. He did not belong to an artistic family, as his father worked as a carpenter and in the furniture trade, and during the summer school holidays, at the age of nine, Walt sold magazines and newspapers on trains. Walt Disney continued practicing this work for six years until his artistic talent appeared in drawing, so he began to draw some paintings, but they were not accepted, and more than once Walt Disney presented his drawings to some officials in the newspapers with the intention of publishing them and obtaining a reward, so the official cast these drawings From the window .. But Disney did not know despair, and on the contrary, he increased his insistence on his hobby, but after he decided to develop it scientifically by studying in a fine art school in the evening, so that he could combine study and work in the morning selling newspapers.

Although Walt Disney then became the most famous painter in the world and made millions, his path to success was extremely difficult and furnished with stones and nails. Disney opened a special studio for drawing, but he did not find a client to deal with .. Then he left the studio to work with a company that paints scenes of plays. And its decorations for $ 35 a week, then he went back and formed a private company to photograph the caricatures that he drew and printed its films, but he did not succeed. Then after that he left Chicago and traveled to Hollywood - the city of the film industry - and all he owned was an old suit that he had worn two years ago, and it was consumed by his frequent wear, and some drawing tools and forty dollars only, and it was his luck that the one who accompanied him to Hollywood was his brother who was not He is good at drawing but is fluent in creating and inventing stories.

The first thing he did was that Disney bought an old camera, and partnered with his brother in establishing a small office to produce cartoon films. This type of cartoon was not well received, as most, if not all, directors were afraid to enter into the adventure of producing such films on Considering that it is a fictitious work that lacks the vitality and drama that attract cinema spectators.

In 1928 Walt Disney invented the character "Mickey Mouse", which became one of the most famous cinematic characters, but he had to suffer about two or three years before this character became famous and became the sweet piece of chocolate that attracts millions of children.

Disney said goodbye to the years of poverty and began years of gain, long work and millions, and from the little cartoons that his brother used to make and draw stories, he moved to the production of feature films and his first film was "The Princess and the Seven Dwarves" in 1937.

No one would have imagined that the spectator would sit for about an hour and a half and watch a full movie of cartoons, but the film achieved great success and won an Academy Award for him, and after the end of World War II Walt Disney entered a new stage of fame that extended from America to Europe and all over the world.

Walt Disney has stirred the imagination of millions of children and sparked their smiles and laughter through his light and playful personalities, and even adults too were attracted by these characters, making him one of the few in the world who dedicated their lives to making people happy.

In the year 1964 Walt Disney moved to a new stage, which is where he established the famous amusement park “Disneyland” in Hollywood on an area of ​​160 acres, and it became the most famous theme park in the world, visited by visitors from all over the world, young and old.

Despite the smiles and laughter that filled the lives of millions with him, Walt Disney was a few words and a lot of isolation in himself, he did not accompany anyone but colors and paper, and he spent hours drawing without feeling the time or feeling his absence, although he married in his poor years to "Lillian Bond" who He had two daughters with her, and in cooperation with her and his brother, he co-founded the studio in which they were able to produce cartoons that knew the way to success.

In the year 1965, lung cancer attacked Walt Disney, and the end came in December of the following year .. And Disney left for a fortune estimated at 116 million dollars after he produced more than 600 films for which he won 900 artistic awards, including an Academy Award for motion picture films. On it 31 times (no one has won this number of Oscars except Disney) .. And universities around the world gave him 30 honorary university degrees, and he who did not complete his education because of the livelihood that he had to earn himself, and the hobby of drawing that he struggled from In order to reach what he reached.

In the end - the significance of this article is how perseverance, challenge, will, and steadfastness in the face of all the challenges that a person can face in the beginning of his life can achieve his dreams in the end. Walt Disney's life story The man who made all the children of the world laugh at started with a dream, he kept persevering and had a lot of courage to pursue this dream.
Among the most famous words of Walt Disney: “First think, second dream, third safe, and finally courage”.

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Written by   49
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