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The first treatment for obesity is to know why you are fat

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Obesity is one of the diseases that has become widespread in a large way. Many are fighting obesity, but unfortunately, out of ignorance, if you want to defeat it, you know and know what it is.

Obesity is an intractable condition in the long run. It has become a source of concern for many people in our culture nowadays; Which made it important to control obesity. According to (Wardlow), obesity is defined as "a condition characterized by excess body fat, and also defined as a 20% increase in average weight." In general, the increased consumption of foods high in fats and sugars may lead to obesity. According to research, we all have fatty tissue in our bodies that we need.

Obesity classification

“When there is a lot of fat in the body, the result is obesity” (World Multimedia Book Encyclopedia, 1996). Obesity classification is usually based on body mass index (BMI), which evaluates body weight in relation to height and correlates with total body fat content in adults. A BMI of 25-29.9 is classified as overweight, while a BMI of 30 or more is considered obese.

The energy that the human body needs is divided into two parts: the human body needs the primary energy for involuntary activities; Such as heart rate, breathing, bowel movements, and others. Secondary energy activity and movement; It is human use during the day such as walking, swimming and movement in general. Its overall prevalence has increased by 33% in the past decade. Researchers have found that obesity is directly related to increased mortality. Obesity tends to develop during the lives of others, which means that having it at any age will increase the risk of developing it at later ages.

Causes and effects of obesity

Obesity can contribute to many adverse health outcomes that increase the risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, cancer, lung disease, bone joint disorders and early death. And a lot of people are overweight or obese nowadays due to many factors that affect obesity or being overweight, which include behavior, environment, eating habits and lifestyle changes, all of which play an important role in obesity. According to the American Medical Association: "Obesity is the biggest health epidemic in the world right now!" Preventing obesity is one of the main steps we need to focus on.

Causes of obesity

To start with, there are many reasons why people may become obese. First of all, many people suffer from obesity due to genetics. For example, if a person has a strong family history of obesity, they will have a greater tendency to obesity than other people without a family history . Some people are prone to weight gain and fat storage due to an increase in genetic traits. Although not everyone in this way will become fat; However, some people without a genetic predisposition become obese. This is due to our genes that determine our level of metabolism.

(Wardlaw), (Insel) and (Celer) indicate that "the genetic background accounts for about 70% of the weight differences between people." Genetic and hormonal problems cause people to gain more weight than they should when it tends to run in families. The lifestyle of some people who engage in sedentary activity also plays a role in obesity. Technology, workers, and time-saving products like cars, computers, and televisions, together with remote controls, have reduced the amount of energy used in everyday life.

Employers make no effort to physical activities and most of them hold jobs that involve minimal physical labor, especially in the workplace. If people do not get enough exercise by using cars instead of walking. For example, not moving due to watching TV and playing video games instead of participating in different sports.

Besides, eating habits include the spread of fast food that contains a large amount of fat and calories, and the changing environment has expanded food options and eating habits. For example, shelves in supermarkets are filled with greater quantities of food and soft drinks, fast food restaurants, and prepackaged foods nowadays. Although these foods are quick and convenient, they tend to be very high in fat and calories which contribute to an increase in calories, causing weight gain.

When people are not aware of the quality and quantity of food, they will definitely end up putting on weight! The psychological state also has a major effect on some people to become obese. Especially those with certain emotional problems. Because their feelings affect their eating habits, which causes them to overeat.

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