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5 shareable and spreadable content features

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Disseminating content is a tool for connecting with your audience and a tool for enhancing your social media presence

If you own a website or special pages on social media for your business, you need “content”. The definition of the term “content” may be quite broad; But it generally includes ideas, tips, and information that you should share with your target audience (blog readers, Instagram followers, etc.) provided that these texts, pictures, graphics and videos are in the form of short snippets and quick overviews that communicate the idea in an attractive way.

Examples of shareable content

  • Blog post answering common questions about your products and services that you are promoting.

  • An explanatory video of how to use the product.

  • A chart that shows consumer trends in your industry.

  • A case study of a successful experience with a client.

  • Schematic diagram with the testimony of a customer.

There are many possible possibilities, but reading this previous list may give you some good ideas. Of course, the first condition for creating visual or written content is knowing who your audience is, and what types of content they prefer and interact with.

For example, if your company sells bright-colored hair dye, you will likely find that your most engaged customers are on Instagram, and they are also more likely to interact positively with videos and pictures of how to use the products. However, if your company sells warehouse equipment to other companies, the photos and videos on Instagram are unlikely to attract a similar audience.

For some brands, it will be difficult to determine which platforms and types of content will be most successful. To help you organize your thoughts, ask yourself these questions:

  • What types of content and platforms work best for my product?

  • What types of content and platforms work best for my competitors in the same industry?

  • Who are my current customers and clients? Who is my ideal customer? What content do they prefer?

Your answers to these questions will help give you good ideas to start with, and there is always room to experiment with what works for your brand. But before you start thinking outside the box, you'll need to master these five qualities of shareable content:

1. Clarity

Perhaps the most important and necessary feature is clarity. You have to think about what you want your audience to remember. Try to reduce the content to 10 words or fewer to create your headlines. In visuals, reduce clutter as much as possible and present the idea in an organized way. Also, make sure to use clear headings and images that help convey a single strong idea about the message you want to send to the reader.

2. Emotion and feelings

The second quality that your content should reflect is human emotion. Never be afraid of trying to attract the human side of your customers, people prefer to feel a close connection to the brand, and research suggests that customers who are emotionally connected to a brand are more valuable in the long term.

Those customers associated with a brand tend to spend more money, and they may recommend these products to those around them, and it is rare for them to consider looking for an alternative product.

3. Readable

When you mention the key information you want to communicate to your audience in long paragraphs, there are very few opportunities for attention and interest in it. You can break down ideas into lists and add subheadings, which helps you get the message across more clearly and easily. Also, make sure to present neatly formatted texts that convey your point of view in a clear way.

4. Optimism

No one likes to be negatively directed, and that matters the most when it comes to branding. Move away from the way you lecture, and reduce the audience's reprimand. Try to publish texts that raise the level of readers and teach them how to improve some aspects of their lives in a positive way instead of reprimanding and criticizing.

5. Brevity

Keep texts short and fun. It is okay to explain sometimes if there is a need for that, but remember that readers may become impatient, while there are nearly a third of those who will watch the entire video, only 17% will spend a three-minute period on it, while the rest will not complete. Make sure that your topic is brief and broken down into short logical ideas.

Once you succeed in discovering how to reach your target audience, where they are, and how they interact with your brand that you are promoting, then in this case you can judge your content with its effective ability to deliver the right message and that it is shareable, which will help you grow your business and expand its scope.

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