Trust. The first article.

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Article No. 1.

This article is introductory and I will write especially about me .


  • Who am I

  • What I want from life

  • Trust.

  • conclusions

Who am I

My name is Mark, I am 40 years old, I have a wife and two children. My birthday is January, so I am a Capricorn. I know, you will think that I am stubborn, distant and sometimes very irascible.

I think you're right, in some situations, that's right. But aren't we all?

I really enjoy walking with my friends, especially when we go out for a barbecue in nature, in the mountains or on the edge of a lake.

I'm not picky about eating, I eat, almost anything. My favorite food would be eggplant salad.

What I want from life

Here, I think I am just like you A quiet life, understanding and health for the family. Maybe, so a joke, I wouldn't mind a lottery win.

I am a lover of cryptocurrencies and the way I do them, through various applications and sites, increases my adrenaline and always keeps me in action.

I want to raise money on these platforms and, in the future, invest in bitcoin cash.

I have no other plans. The family is a priority and as long as everything goes well, the rest is up to me whether I do it or not.


I want to talk about the trust that we want to gain and that we can offer.

I have always considered myself a reliable person, who in critical situations, do not think long whether to help or not. Confidence in the power to do something is, again, something that characterizes. I have friends who think that in some situations I am too self-critical of myself.


I am convinced that you cannot have an opinion on me just from a few words written here. I'm a normal person, for better or worse. I try to be as flexible as possible in contradictory discussions and usually withdraw first.

It's nice to meet you.

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You will have financial freedom in crypto. I am sure you will definitely invest on bitcoin cash later on. Have fun in the platform bro.

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1 year ago

Hello Mark, welcome to the platform. I hope whatever your plan be, you will achieve it. Nice to meet you. See you around

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1 year ago

I hope you get what you're looking for on this platform and it's nice to meet you

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1 year ago

You are welcome .

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1 year ago

Welcome. Trust is always a virtue. That means being human, trusting each other. Nice to meet you.

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1 year ago