Young (Bitcoin) & Old (Gold) Conflict Waste of Time

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Hello Everyone, I am a new member of this platform and I am very happy to be here. On this page, I will try to share my articles about markets and crypto when I can. I hope it will be useful for you and me. I'm starting my article about Bitcoin and Gold by saying good reading to everyone.

One has a story of 5,000 years, the other has a story of 13 years.

One is gold, the other is Bitcoin.

While gold has turned into a traditional and accepted life, bitcoin is living with adolescent rebellion but continues to grow.

What they have in common is that they are both investment vehicles.

The era is the era of technology, and time passes very quickly. Time and money become worthless every day.

Until you learn something, the system updates itself and starts teaching the next step.

When this is the case, the nerves of the society are getting very tense.

The effort to keep up with the new order on the one hand, the decrease in purchasing power in the face of inflation on the one hand, and the increase in risks on the other hand spoiled the taste of life.

When it comes to money, differences of opinion between generations are inevitable.

While parents praise their children for investing in traditional investment instruments such as gold, silver, foreign currency or real estate, young people prefer to invest in cryptocurrencies more.

Traditional investors prefer to touch it physically, put it in their pockets, and use it whenever they wish.

Modern investors, on the other hand, prefer to transact with the password method, which does not physically load, is not connected to central banks.

The common feature of both is that they are limited in number or in quantity.

When the asset decreases and demand increases, the value appreciation of that asset always continues.

Both are independent from any central bank.

They are assets that cannot be printed and manipulated, such as banknotes.

When we look at the result, both continue to increase in value on an annual basis.

The days when central banks will issue their digital currencies and we will use digital currencies in daily life are very close.

Digital euro, digital dollar, digital yuan etc…

It is unnecessary for the old and young to be stubborn when the process is progressing so fast.

The preferences of these two instrument investors are the same, only the age groups of the investors are different.

The young investor who sells gold gets BTC in return, and the one who sells BTC gets gold.

The traditionalist buys physical gold and does not sell it unless he needs it.

While the financial system in the world is changing, purchasing power is decreasing, and we are going to the hyperinflation process, we need to think about the system, not the investors.

In order to avoid wasting time, it is necessary to explain the crypto money market to people in a plain language.

We must continue the struggle to explain many issues such as technology, logic, advantages and disadvantages.

Woe to us if we fall into the trap of those who post flower and insect photos in their profile pictures or share rockets or planes on social media.

I had a pullback prediction to the $43-44k range. It recovered from the $44,200 level and stopped at $46,183.

The real target is $50,000.

However, when this level is tested, it is necessary to comment again according to the conditions of that day.

$43k below, $50,000 above.

I think there is no problem in this band range.

It is necessary to reinterpret those that go out of this band gap.

In the ounce price of gold, the range of 1,880-1,980 dollars remains valid.

April is the month of FINAL!

In April, I predict that we will see the last buying zones in exchange rates, gram prices of gold and silver.

I would especially like to state that I see April as the final month, and that the storm will begin in May.

Whatever you need or invest in, the decision should be APRIL!

Kind regards..

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