The Art of Making Money

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We struggle for years to make money.

However, those who do not follow some rules, act with their emotions, and cannot make the right moves will see that their efforts have not been rewarded after years.

Because he did not change his way of making money, he continued to look at things as straight logic.

The problem starts with not being able to see the blessing of having a valuable grace such as mind and time, not realizing that there is a free wealth that cannot be bought with money.

We see that those who use their time well and make smart investments ultimately win.

Regardless of your capital, you can grow your business and reach your goals with a smart management.

What you invest your hard earned money in is very important.

For example, do you invest in assets or liabilities?

Those who invest most of their money in assets that yield them earn income and save.

So, on the one hand, you'll have income like rental income, which makes your savings the golden chicken.

If you have risky choices, your priority should be to feed the chicken, not cut it.

But most people's first job is to start off by butchering the goose that lays the golden egg, which is a very wrong move.

When it fails, it's also the chicken that lays the golden egg.

If you want to be rich, the priority should be to provide money as much as possible, by investing in assets.

So what are actives?

Assets are anything that puts money in your pocket.

Passive is the one that takes money out of your pocket.

Anything that will generate a small return on a regular basis is your assets.

If your priority is not money, you are on the right track if you are studying to learn the job.

If you have studied for years just to make money, you will only earn money, if you have good money management knowledge, you can turn the information into cash faster and become rich faster.

Just as they evaluate your knowledge in numbers in schools, they will evaluate your experience in your business life by what they pay for (money).

Although accessibility has increased with the development of technology, we observe that financial literacy is still at a low level.

We know this from the community of people who lose their savings every year, which is the opposite corner.

The way of money, savings or wealth is not really wanted to be taught.

Those who make an effort to learn can manage this process in a healthy way.

Because the system is not built for you to earn, but for your spending.

The system is built on making money with your money, not for you to win.

Individuals advise their children to study, to have a profession, to throw a cover somewhere.

They take into account the salaries that will be prioritized in their career choice.

Dreams of managing wealth, being the boss of your own business, or being an employer are not dreamed of, steps are not taken.

Fixed income brings with it fixed debt.

When getting a salary, it makes more sense to me to save money first and then borrow money.

Increasing the amount with the right investment choices and paying more upfront reduces the risk of borrowing and brings the habit of saving.

In this case, your savings assets become your borrowing liabilities.

People often delay taking action or taking action.

That's why giving automatic instructions to the bank to save money (converting an amount into an investment in salary) is a useful practice.

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Topics: Finance, Money, Crypto, Blog