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Increasing inflation in the world continues to impoverish the people of the world.

While purchasing power is rapidly decreasing, poverty continues to arise.

Now, who's got what?

Some people have 5 percent inflation, some 8 percent, some 70 percent.

To see the real status of inflation figures, you need to follow the increase in house prices.

You know these days are not a surprise.

Because from last year, I would like to remind you that I have warned that there will be rapid increases in housing prices along with inflation in 2022-2023.

Those who follow the real economy took these warnings into account and prepared for these days in advance.

Everyone had accepted a high inflation and prepared their down payments to meet the need for shelter, when the 0.99 interest bomb shook the market again.

Ads took flight within minutes.

Well, what could be natural for crisis opportunists to step in in the face of such emptiness?

As a result, two possibilities became stronger with each passing day.

You are either rich or poor.

You either add wealth to your wealth or you have to emigrate.

Unfortunately, there is no middle ground.

Do you think this happened because of surprise developments?

I think no.

The project of evacuating city centers around the world, reducing purchasing power and starting the entry into the famine economy are all projects.

Those who feel the inflation to their bones today should be ready for the hyperinflation process tomorrow.

The important thing here is that the people protect themselves.

Because everyone in the world is alone from now on.

You're going to buy a house, but you say, "It's so swollen, let it fall a little, do you want to buy it?

If you expect a decrease in a sector that costs money in foreign currency, in a country that receives immigration, in a system where inflation will continue to increase, in a system where interest rates will increase even more, wait.

But take into account the current situation of those who are waiting.

After the rise in vehicle prices, were the rise in oil prices, the supply problem of parts, the chip crisis, the exorbitant increases in insurance and automobile insurance prices a surprise?

It's all part of the plan.

The house you bought 500 thousand dollars 1 year ago is 1 million today, right?

I mean, everyone became a millionaire.

So how did you read the difference when you updated the insurance companies' value to $1 million for the policy?

Who are the insurance companies in the world?

Today, there will be serious increases in the production of 1+1 and 1+0 houses in the face of necessity.

Tomorrow, our children will live with 10-20 years lease contracts, and their children will live in capsule houses.

It may sound funny when you read this today, you'll see soon.

Will those who have to live in 1+1 and 1+0 houses today be able to accept guests for a yacht tomorrow?

The social project that has been isolated and cut off is not in vain.

What about privacy?

How will the privacy of families be in 1+1 or 1+0 houses?

Is it a faithless society project as well?

Those who use a loan of 1 million dollars today will pay 14 thousand 780 dollars in installments for 10 years.

Is a cashless society project real?

Isn't the shaking operation that they started suddenly in the financial markets a robbery?

Who don't they want?

Traditionalist, long-term, physicist.

Isn't the situation of those playing in the virtual environment deplorable?

Don't those who lose their wealth within minutes commit suicide, don't they lose their psychology, don't they lose the sweat they saved for the future?

Protect your assets, do not rob yourself.

Do not put oil in the hands of those who add wealth to their wealth.

They want you to be dependent on the system, to become a slave, don't you understand?

The system highlights policies based on borrowing people.

Why don't you set yourself a savings-based policy?

Do you think the system was shaped to earn you money?

No, he's shaped to take what he's got.

When you read these, don't waste your time looking for the error here and there.

The global financial system has made a joint decision.

I think he's thinking about himself, focus on his job and his future.

There is no despair.

The life of the one whose sustenance ends is over.

We look at the struggle part, the logic part.

Everyone will live with their decisions.

There is no room for sentimentality and criticism in the transition process.

There is only you and your decisions.

Now shape your future based on the past.

The system has changed.

Make your decision today!

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