Crypto, Gold or Silver?

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In my previous articles, I explained the relationship between gold and cryptocurrencies as follows;

“If gold gains value, cryptocurrencies lose value, if cryptocurrencies gain value, gold loses value”

It acts inversely proportional.

That is, those who sell gold get crypto, those who sell crypto buy gold.

We saw the last example on Friday.

Bitcoin closed the week at $39,548, declining by -5.91%, while an ounce of gold finished the week at $1,967 with an increase of +1.57%.

Commodities love a war environment.

Investment instruments such as gold and silver shine in times of increased inflation and geopolitical risks.

Everyone knows this.

But the question is:

“Is there a real war or a manipulation market right now?”

For 90 percent, the answer to this question is "WAR".

My answer is "MANIPULATION".

How Does?

How could the ounce price of gold fall from 1,860 to 1,823 on the day the US inflation data was announced as 7.5 percent?

Shouldn't he normally break above 1,900?

When the inflation figure was announced, the probability of the Fed's interest rate hike by 50 basis points increased to 93 percent, but how did the probability of the Fed increasing interest rates by 50 basis points decrease to 33 percent today and 25 basis points of interest rate hikes were priced in?

While the dollar index was at 95.85 in the face of the possibility of the Fed's interest rate hike by 50 basis points, how did the dollar index rise to 98.93 in the face of the possibility of the Fed's interest rate hike by 25 basis points?

How can an ounce of gold not break the $2,000 level upwards while the inflation figures and war broke out in the world?

Oil company Shell announced that it has purchased crude oil from Russia at a discount of $ 28.50 per barrel.

Shell, which received this discount, announced the decision of Russia to withdraw from projects in the country on February 28 after the attack on Ukraine.

What kind of sanction or withdrawal decision is this?

How do NATO, the USA and Europe tolerate the blatant killing of civilians there, despite their frequent statements that they will not go to war with Russia?

We can put dozens of questions like this on the table.

If there is a war or manipulation (and there is) someone will win and someone will lose!

There are winners and losers.

The losers have always been the people.

The winner is those who prepare the counter behind the scenes.

As innocent people die in the world, the winners will be the capital owners.

Isn't it obvious how prices were manipulated on the 11th day?

Under normal circumstances, shouldn't there be at least $2,300 an ounce?

They are also pressing it for the short term.

The same suppression as they were suppressed with the "Temporary inflation discourse lie" last year.

If they pull $1,880 or lower again, then it will be revealed that they are manipulating.

In this process, the Fed got what it wanted by increasing the dollar index to 98.93.

If he had increased interest rates by 50 basis points, it would only have risen this much.

Parities, stock markets, commodities got their share from this process.

Inflation is increasing in all countries, they are playing the war game. An ounce of gold rose from 1,823 to 1,974.

So the cost of this is an increase of $151?

I have one more point.

As of 2020, we see together how the world has been shaped.

Unfree people, a community of people living in fear and panic, a time period with no future, an uncertain life and the world economy.

Mass migrations in natural disasters, coups, climate change and wars.

People running to banks with fear and panic.

An effort to create a familyless, cashless, genderless society in need of the system.

The financial pillar of this is the divisions that keep people away from physical savings.

So, cryptocurrencies.

In the morning when the Russia-Ukraine operation started, everyone lined up in front of ATMs and banks.

Russia, on the other hand, imposed restrictions on the money movements of the society with its capital control.

The system gave the following message to people and states: “Own as much land as you want, live in the most beautiful villas, use the most luxurious vehicles. When order breaks down, you're nothing if you don't have cash. You need a system. That system is digital and it is money that no one can interfere with and that you cannot carry with you as a burden. It's called CRYPTO MONEY. System states also need this system. The situation is clear after the sanctions imposed on Russia. They left no alternative.

Commodities such as gold and silver are real money.

Gold and silver will continue to increase in value as usual.

In fact, there will be such a rise after this manipulation that most people will not be able to take it physically.

Most people won't earn that much.

My annual forecast is that there is no turbulence at the level of $2,150 per ounce, 1.450 lira under grams, $40 per ounce of silver, and 20 liras in silver.

But the manipulation must pass.

They will shine the stars of crypto first.

First, they will collect the crypto coins from the bottom.

First, they will collect the parities from the bottom.

They need to sell gold and silver high today to collect them.

“Those who did not believe the temporary inflation lie and did not sell their gold won” last year.

This year “The one who collects the bottom pairs and cryptocurrencies that sees war manipulation wins”

And those who invest in Russian energy companies.

These days are forgotten after 2 weeks.

Again, I remind you what happens with games played on gold, silver, crypto money and parities.

Today you are going to invest in something, trade the one that has gained the most value with the one that has lost the most.

Do this with parity.

You are smart people.

You have four types of assets in your basket and you trade with parity.

You are on the right track.

You have a nice way.

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