Understanding High Quality Content

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So when you write for a blog, write answers on Q&A platforms or even write short content for platforms such as publish0x or read.cash,  one of the main factors that define the number of views your content is ‘High Quality content’. Now how does one create a high-quality content. Is there a benchmark for high quality content? What makes content high quality? How does one determine if the content we write is high quality or not?

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that we have control over while writing content for the web that determines the quality of the content:

1.      Spelling errors – While writing an article, it is important to make sure that you don’t make any typos and have no spelling errors.

2.      Grammar – If you are unsure if a sentence makes sense, use a tool like Grammarly or one of the many available tools to check that the sentence has no grammatical errors.

3.      Original content – Is the content original. Even if the inspiration for the article is from various other sites, is the article written in your own words. If you copy and paste content from any other website, it does not add value to your website at all. You may be penalized for plagiarized content.

4.      Length of the Article – Ensure that your article has a couple of paragraphs at least. The number of words can range from 750 upwards to 5000 words article.

5.      Have Headings and subheadings so the reader can scan through and the article becomes easier to comprehend.

6.      Does your article talk about the topic in detail? Try to gather as much information as you can and include it in your article.

7.      Ensure you have the Keywords and related keywords included in your article and the headings and subheadings of the article.

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