To Write or Not to Write

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1 year ago

Today has been one of those days - just Blah. The thoughts in my head: simply Blah blah blah. 

I am not sad or upset or any such thing. It is just that I am not motivated much today. It is not even procrastination I would say. I do not want to sit in front of the computer, the TV or even the mobile. But I also know from past experiences, that one such day can lead to a few more of such days. Where all you do is dream. The day floats by. Everything feels like a haze. After a few such days, then it is a blank slate again. I abandon past projects that had me so motivated even a few weeks ago. This time around, I am going to work with this feeling and not let it bog me down. I have not forced myself to get out of this feeling. This too shall pass. But I want to get across this bridge not to have start all over again. I would like to stick to my commitments. 

So here I am, just a couple of hours before my bed time, I am going to for the time being put my demotivation to the side and do what needs to be done for the day. 

Workwise I know I do not have any deadlines breathing down my neck, but I would like to accomplish certain tasks today so future me, is going to be thankful that I overcame my state of mind and got some job done. 

I still do have about an hour's work pending that needs to be done for the day, but I wanted to take a couple of minutes off to write this, so I am not going to feel guilty that I missed my 'write an article a day'. I am going to probably feel a little guilty knowing full well I could pick a topic from my repertoire of topic ideas, put in some effort and get an article for my blog going too. Who knows. Maybe by the time I complete all the things to do for the day, I might just get started on an article for my blog. 

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