How to Drive Traffic from Quora

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So, you have a website. And you write content regularly. Even the most informative and beautifully designed website has no value if you cannot get visitors to your website. There are many sources where you can get traffic from, but in this article, we will see how to drive traffic from Quora.

We have all seen Quora show up as a result when we look for something on Google. Quora is a question and answer based website. The Questions and answers are both added by the users. It has approximately 300 million users per month. And that makes it a treasure trove of visitors for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

Like any other social media, it is easy to get side tracked and spend a couple of hours reading Pet stories or romantic stories that can get you teary eyed. But try to stay focussed and keep all the light reading for your downtime period.

Let’s start.

  1. Sign up on Quora.

  2. Update your Profile.

  3. Create a Space.

  4. Update the Details of your space. Provide a link to your website if you have one.

  5. Post articles in your space.

The objective is to grow your own community.

You may not have many followers initially, but being consistent and some patience can build your community.

The way to drive traffic from Quora is to answer relevant questions that other users have asked and link to your blog or affiliate program as a way to help other readers. You do not have to provide links in all your answers but just where you think it adds value to your answer.

Here are some ways you can find the most relevant question for you.

Follow Spaces

Type your niche in the search box, there will be a drop down, you can choose from. Look for space in your niche with a high following, click on the space you want to follow and follow that space.

Click on the Questions tab, you will find a huge list of questions. Read through the questions and start answering those questions you have knowledge in.


When you answer questions with a space that has a huge following, then the chances of answers getting noticed is more. Answer as many questions as you can and provide links wherever necessary.  

Tip – Follow multiple spaces in your niche

Follow People

To find users with huge following in your niche, select a space, and then view all contributors. Choose to follow users with high content views. Follow them. Go to the user profiles and look at their questions (if any) and answers. See if you can answer any of them. Since those users already have a following and are generating thousands if not a million views, you can leverage on their expertise of selecting questions when you answer them. Makes sense? 

Find High Weekly Views Questions on Quora

You can use a SEO like SEMrush tool to find the high traffic keywords on Quora in your Niche. But you can also use Quora Ads Section to Find questions with a high traffic. Here, we will see how we can use Quora to find questions that have a high traffic.

1. Click on your Profile and select Ad Manager.
2. Select New Campaign.
3. Provide a Title to your campaign.
4. Select Generic as a conversion event.
5. Set a maximum budget. (Don’t worry, we will not run the campaign)
6. Click Continue.
7. Provide an Ad set name.
8. Select Questions as your Primary Targeting.
9. Select Bulk Add. And enter your niche. Example – Digital Marketing.
10. Click Continue.

Now you will see a list of questions with their weekly views. You can select any question and you will be redirected to the question page.

You can answer the questions with high weekly views. 

Things to Remember when you answer questions on Quora

  1. Keep your answer relevant. Provide as much information as you can.

  2. Keep your answer original. Do not copy and paste other users answers.

  3. Try to keep your answer over 3 – 4 short paragraphs.

  4. Add images to draw attention to your answer.

  5. Do not spam.

  6. Do not provide unnecessary affiliate links in your answers. You may be penalized on Quora. 

You may not see a surge in your traffic on Day 1. You should look at Quora as a long-term traffic strategy. Answer questions, Ask Questions and build your community.

– The traffic to your website first starts to trickle in before it starts to flow. 

Happy Blogging 

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