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1 year ago

The morning has gone by too quickly. It is not that I did too many things, it is just that I have been trying to figure out just one thing. And I am not even sure I have it figured out.

So, what is it that had my attention all morning, leaving no time to do nothing else – absolutely nothing else all morning? It is HIVE. Yes, I now have a blog on Ecency.

Why do I need a Blog on Hive?

The goal is to make short posts, publish poems and maybe even some photographs of the gorgeous city I call home.  

Why did it take me all morning?

The process was overwhelming. Had no clue what I was doing or what had to be done. And this time, YouTube was not much of a helper.

What have I done so far?

I have figured that there is only so much you can do if you do not buy the HIVE Power. With the free version (can I call it that), you have to spend your resource credits wisely. As a newbie, I have noticed that resource credits are easy to deplete. And you have to wait until you have some resource credits back in your account.

In the short number of hours of my presence, I have accumulated Ecency points.

I have a few communities that I have started to follow.

I have a few accounts that I follow.

After a couple of upvotes, I have figured, resource credits are required to post as well.


What Next?

Time to publish the first post – Not so quickly, I guess. I am going to hangout on Ecency and Hive for a couple of days before making my first post.

Understand what witnesses are and what I can do with my 30 votes.  


How often do I intend to post once I am active on the platform?

At the moment, I am thinking something like 3 times a week.


If you are on HIVE, consider following me:


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1 year ago