3 Steps to Achieve a Zero Waste Bathroom

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To achieve a zero waste bathroom, consider all the products and toiletries in your bathroom. Do an audit of all the products lying around in the cabinets, the windowsill, on the counter, in the shower and under the sink. Take out all the free samples that you have been meaning to try and all the travel sized products that you are saving from your previous holiday and for your next adventure.

Now you are all set to start your low waste journey.

Step 1 to a Zero Waste Bathroom

Create a pile for expired products or products that are too old and that need to go. Add all the products that have passed their expiry dates or products that have started smelling funky. Don’t toss this pile in your trash just yet. Some products that can be repurposed even past their best before date:

Skin Toner – Use Expired skin toner to clean mirrors and keep them sparkling. Spray the toner on the mirror and wipe clean with a cotton cloth.

Shampoo – Use expired shampoo as a sink cleaner. Apply a small amount to the sink, use an old brush or scrubbie and scrub in circular motions. Rinse well.

Toothbrush – Use old toothbrushes to clean around the faucets and hair traps of sinks and shower.

Hand wash, face wash, body wash – Use expired hand wash, face wash or body wash as a makeup brush cleanser.

Step 2

Create a pile for products that have not expired but you no longer use. All of us have been through this. We are excited about a new product, but when we use it, we do not like it at all. And this just sits under the sink for a long time. Or maybe a product that is not opened but you no longer use.
As you keep adding to this pile, make a mental note if any of your family or friends would enjoy using the product. If yes, check with them and pass it on. Check if there is a provision in your community or locality to donate used or new products. Sometimes, we learn more about our community by asking around.

Step 3

Create a pile for all the products you use. The products from this pile is what goes back to your cabinets, in the shower etc. If there are way too many products in this pile, it is alright. There is nothing to be ashamed of or feel guilty about. As you start running out of these products, try to buy sustainable versions for the product. For example, can you take your container for a refill? Does it come in sustainable packaging? Is there an environmental friendly option that uses less chemicals? Is there a DIY that you always wanted to try? No matter what you choose, it is a good start your journey to a sustainable lifestyle without being wasteful.

Once all the products have been sorted, and you have put back those products that you use, it is time to visit the recycling center. Dispose plastic containers from the trash pile in the plastic recycle bins.

The two most important factors to a maintaining low waste lifestyle is to shop responsibly and say no to products or sample packs or free products if you will not use it. Say no to sample packs if they have too much plastic packaging. Say no to sample packs if the ingredients are not environmental friendly.
Refusing what you do not need is one of the easiest way to achieving your Zero waste goals.

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