Why they are stealing our freedom of speech?

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If you study the UN declaration of human rights, you'll come to know as a human being you are entitled to enjoy freedom of speech.

Apart from the UN declaration, as a human being no matter which part of the world you are on, you should have the power to speak on your behalf.

You should have the right to express yourself freely and you should have the right to choose yourself.Nobody will not have any authority to refrain yourself from your own choice and expression.

If you live in a sovereign country, that means the country itself is free from outside domination.Than why her people will have to go through oppression?

As the country is free so her people are free too.As long as your act or words is not harming others life,you should enjoy the freedom of expression and freedom of speech.

Than what does the UN declaration of human rights stand for or what's the necessity?

The countries those have signed the declaration paper are bound to provide its people the freedom they deserve.

First of all, declaration of human rights would not been necessary, if we would have provided our people the freedom of speech.

We are human being and we have the tendency to suppress our people.If anything goes against the interest of those who in power firstly they will snatch the freedom of speech.

They don't think twice to suppress their own people for their own benefits.This picture is seen all around the world.

In this circumstances,UN declaration of human rights just assures a fellow human being that they are not deprived of their rights.

This article is a comparative analysis of why the people in power snatches the freedom of expression first.Why the first attack comes on the freedom of expression?

And I'll seek some answer throughout this article such as what if we lived in a society where everyone have the right to say something.

Okay so why the first attack comes on the freedom of expression or speech?

Imagine a situation like this where you are walking down the road. Someone jumped in and started shouting at you that you are a thief.

Though you are a complete innocent man and you didn't steal anything.As you are not guilty and a innocent person, you'll not have anything to worry.

If the whole world started shouting at you that you are a thief but if you didn't commit any wrong nobody can prove you guilty.

Because you didn't do anything wrong so nothing can go against you.

In this situation how will you react?You'll simply ignore those stupid people, won't you?

But if you say something against any corrupted political or judicial body, they will sue you as soon as possible.

Now ask yourself if they are transparent and not corrupted why don't they prove themselves they are guiltless.

Instead of proving themselves they are innocent, they will simply take away your freedom of expression.

As a citizen of a free and sovereign state,he can ask the political body to clarify themselves.He can seek his rights to its political body. Almighty has created men with a mouth.

Mouth is not only for eating food but also to utter words against corruption.

Almighty has given men this mouth to speak up against any kind of oppression.

But states around the world are not providing the freedom to its own people.As a result her own people can't demand their rights.

Some state have the fear that if its citizen get the freedom of expression their corruption and indulgences will be revealed.

Secondly they fear that freedom of expression can dethrone the corrupted political bodies.

Thirdly if people started to talk about their rights,this will turn out to be a reformation movement.

Sometimes the states also snatch freedom of expression in order to suppress the oppositional people.

Fourthly to create a fearful and intense situation among people so that they can extend their ruling power.

Not only the states snatch freedom of speech but also this society too.Oppressors always fear voice, they fear any voice coming from the crowd, specifically opposite voice.

Because of their corruption and injustice, they remained traumatized when they hear any voice of resistance.

If you see ,you have lost your freedom of speech that means you are on the correct path.

They are fearful that only a single a voice can dethrone the corrupted body.There are very less countries in this world where citizens can enjoy the freedom of speech fully.

One thing hurt me the most when I see they start suppressing their own people, their own blood just for opening the mouth and just for demanding rights.

According to the UN declaration, if your voice is not counted or get neglected you are oppressed.

To me only a society or state can prosper and develop where every voice get counted and opening the mouth is also important to live with dignity.

I dream of a world where nobody will be sued just for sharing his thoughts. If he or she is wrong, why the state sue him. Why the state doesn't clarify itself?

Image via United Nations website

If you want to study more about the UN declaration of human rights, you can do it from here:


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