Why developed countries put this much importance to it's citizens?

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I was going through some questions and answers about travelling abroad in this pandemic.

For example which country is more safer for international travel and which country is more vulnerable due to upsurge of Covid-19 infections.

Like someone is asking whether that particular country is safe and the community of experts are answering them based on the recent reports of that country.

While I was doing so, I've found out an Australian government website that is directing it's citizens where to go and where not to go.

And also where to take serious precaution before traveling.Than I've visited that site and I've found out there is a complete list of all the countries around the world with detailed overview.

Say you are a Australian citizen and you want to travel to any country.So you went to the Australian government travel site and do a search by the country name.

Than the website will tell whether it's safe or not travelling to that country in this pandemic.

That government website will not only aware the Australian citizens about the safety protocols in this pandemic but also will provide them with some other basic mandatory travel guidelines.

This site provides every single details like:

  • What to wear whether the country is conservative or liberal

  • Crime rates and types of crime happens

  • What to do to avoid any unintentional circumstances

  • Probable health emergencies

  • Where to seek help if any emergency occurs etc.

Image via smart traveller Australia

Web: https://www.smartraveller.gov.au/

If you are an international traveller to gather all the details you may have to visit tons of websites.This is very much time consuming and monotonous.

Now here is the question why Australian government is running this type of website to provide travel guidelines to its citizen?

Why country like Australia cares much about its citizen?

Apart from Australia,every well developed country cares much about its citizens.

Why do developed countries show this much care and give this much importance to its citizen?

If you have studied how a developed state works you may have known that a developed state believes that every citizen have a potential and can give back much more to the country.

After every single birth,a person requires a lot of incentives in his life.A developed state successfully provide him with all the necessities and incentives.

And in return the state expects something from him.That's the most basic thing of a citizen.

So when a person gets this much privilege from his own country and develop his life to the fullest,he become an invaluable asset to his country.

Only a well developed and civilized state able to provide every it's citizen a good, healthy and prosperous environment to live.Besides every development state knows how to properly create and use human resources.

In return, when that person finally grows up, he started paying back to the state.He has the potential to give much more than he had taken for his development.

So I think you've understand why every single citizen are invaluable to the developed state.

Let's pause our writing here for a moment and let's see how a poor or corrupted or not developed sometimes least developed countries behave with its people.

The answer is simple the state shows a little importance to it's people. On the other hand the poor states failed to provide a good developing environment to its people.

Consequently it's people doesn't become any valuable asset and have nothing to give back.

Because those countries are not investing on its own people, so they don't become worthy human resource.Here is the difference between a developed state and a poor state.

One knows how to utilize it's human resources and the other shows less importance.

That's why their condition never change and the people wind up in a vicious circle of mismanagement.

Now you can ask poor countries can't generate much money to invest in its people.But than I'll say no country is born rich.

Though there are some countries with heavy national resources.But than if you failed to use your national resources properly again, those riches will not bring anything to you.

A big example of this mismanagement :Nauru

As no country is born rich so they become self dependent now?

Only some few thing requires to that which the states willingness to create invaluable human resource, using of some brain and of course no corruption.

Corruption is like stealing in your own house. Will any thief steal something from his own house?

No I don't think so and corruption is as same as stealing form your own house.Please don't steal from your own house!Who does that?

I've already given my answer why on earth a developed state thinks for the betterment of it's every individual.

Every single life is valuable and the poor and least developed states doesn't know how to respect and utilize it's people.

That's why if any citizen from least developed or poor or corrupted countries fall in danger,the state shows less importance but any developed state will take action as soon as possible.

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We don't value life here in our third world country, and I believe that why we still remains under developed

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