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What it'd be like living in a city all alone?

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1 month ago

If you had seen the movie "I am legend" by Will Smith you'll have some idea what I'm talking about.

After the zombie apocalypse all the persons of his city were evacuated as well as will's family members too. So in a big city will is completely alone with only his pet dog.

What it would be like living in an entire city all alone? Or what it would be like all the humans in your city just completely vanished only you are roaming around the city?

Let's try to imagine a city where there is no humans left rather you are the only person. Imagine there was an zombie apocalypse in your area and you woke up in the morning and found out that all the persons vanished over night.

Ha ha though it's a fictional writing but it'll be a mouthwatering, amusing and fascinating one.

I've tried to imagine myself as a lone city resident and I'll share the things I'll do after this kind of events.

- In the movie "I am legend" as humans left the entire city so they left there cars too. Now the busy streets has become a home nature.

Grass grows, reindeer's are making house inside the cars, birds are making nests on the buildings so it's like nature is getting back what it has previously.

Like this after waking up in the morning as all the humans just gone by I'll have an walk on the empty city streets.

Morning is the most busiest time of our city life which only humans makes it busy. As there is no human there is no bustle and crackle there will be complete silence but nature.

When I am walking on the empty city streets I'll feel the nature, feel the emptiness and feel the empty wind.

- After roaming in the city I'll come back to my home to grab my bicycle.You know when there were too much traffic on the road it's tough to ride bicycles on your own.

As there is no human,no traffic on the roads so it'll be easy to ride bicycle as much as I like.I'll keep paddling untill I become tired.

I'll accomplish things like doing some bicycle stunts on the roads without any problem.When I'm writing this I'm feeling the cold wind in my ear.

- I'll be very much happy if I have any pet dog/bird/cat etc.Because ultimately we humans can't live alone rather they needed something to give them companion.

So as human accompany is not possible I'd like to accompanied by my pets.

I'll run, I'll play, I'll give them bath, I'll talk with my pets and I'll went out to roam around the city.

-Cooking on your own will be sometimes difficult because I'm not good at cooking.But as I'm cooking for only myself so ha ha it'll not be a big deal.

Because there is no one to tell me that hey your cooking is too bad to eat. In that case I'll be my only guest, my only cook and I'll have to criticise my own cooked food.

-If something really happens like that than my smartphone/computer will be no use because most of the we use this to browse Facebook and social media.

If I'm the only resident so there is no necessity of this devices.I can live peacefully without any digital devices.Though devices like smartphone will give me some good time to eradicate my loneliness like playing games.

-I'll not enjoy loneliness but I'll also.Loneliness is not a thing of enjoyment but sometimes it is.Especially in the city life when there is cars, traffic, human congestion etc. than it's better to be alone.I'll not feel lonely if I had my wife with me.

Same goes with someone will feel much more comfortable if she has her husband with him.Just imagine a love life where you and your loved ones are living in an entire city. There is no one to disturb you and there is no one to set some rules.

-I'll keep a diary of of my daily activities like what I'm doing or where I'm going or how many new things I've experienced in the empty city.

I'll write about my daily activities at the nighttime when I'll have nothing to do. It'll be a good time passing idea besides it'll be a life history of a person who is living alone.

Living alone in a city will be both thrilling and fearful. At a point you'll want everyone to come back I think. When I'm writing this article I'm imagining those persons lifestyle who is living really alone in the mountains or forests.

Living alone is not as easy as it seems especially when it comes to eating or drinking. Because there will be no one to prepare foods for you instead you've to do it.On the other side living alone is much more relaxing too.

Image from rotten tomatoes

Let me suggest you a movie of a person who has lived alone in a detached island of the Pacific Ocean.

If you really want to experience what it's like living alone watch the movie "Cast away" by another great American actor Tom hanks. If you want to read "Cast away" movie ratings and more you can visit rotten tomatoes.

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Written by   105
1 month ago
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I never saw these two movies.But you gave me good idea for watching new movies. I do not like to living alone.I like social life.

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3 weeks ago

Yes i will

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1 month ago