Untold Reasons behind the desperate journey to Europe

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If you follow world news, you’ll see people are trying to cross the Mediterranean sea to enter into Europe.

Not only they are taking a great risk but also it’s an uncertain journey. Most of them die when they are about to cross the Mediterranean sea and buried in the sea.

And some of them survive but as they don’t have any official papers with them so they don’t get the chance to enter into Europe.

Sometimes they got refugee status but it’s a long and painful process. Living in Europe without official papers and as a refugee is not the most interesting experience.

But they will live their own country. They are desperate to take the risk of their own life. They knew they’d die in the middle of the journey.

They knew they might never be able to see the blue sky of Europe. But these people take the risk to cross the Mediterranean sea and some other illegal ways.

Here in my article I’ve tried to seek some answers about the desperate journey to Europe.I’ve tried to figure out what makes people to take the risk of their own life in an uncertain journey.

  • Poor economical condition:

Most of the people who engage themselves in those desperate journey belong to a lower economy class. Beside they have family and they have to take full responsibility of their family.

They are living in poverty for generation after generation and this poverty make them so much desperate for the uncertain journey. They thought Europe is the only place where they can fulfill their dreams.

They thought Europe is the only place where they can diminish their poverty cycle. From this “change the fate” thinking they become too much desperate finding a way to Europe.

hey thought if they only manage to enter into Europe, they can change their life.Besides human fantasies about a poverty free life turns themselves to Europe.

I’ve seen a lot of cases where people are willing to take the risk to enter into Europe. “Poor economic condition, change the fate, European fantasies are the main reasons working behind the desperate to journey to Europe.

  • Lifestyles that Europeans lead:

No matter how poor you are, you’ll get information about the world easily these days.

So people living in comparatively poor countries grow up seeing the peaceful environment of Europe and the lifestyles that most of the Europeans lead.

Who doesn’t want to live a peaceful, harmonious and financial stable life?They thought the Europeans lead the most sophisticated life.

If they could enter into Europe, they could also enjoy the sophisticated European lifestyle.

As they grow up seeing the harmonious European life, so they take the decision that they also find way to go there.

  • Overpopulation and unemployment rate is too high

If you survey the people going on a desperate journey to Europe, you’ll find they don’t have any suitable job in their country.

And if you start seeking why their country is failed to provide job for everyone, you’ll see overpopulation is a big problem in that particular country.

It’s quite obvious that an overpoputed country will find it difficult to give job to everyone.

So these people having no satisfactory jobs in their country are bound to escape from their homeland to find a suitable job.

On the other hand as I’ve said, in this age of communication you can get any type of information within a second.

These people come to know that their is plenty of jobs available in Europe. If they somehow managed to enter, they can get a suitable job in Europe.

Not only for jobs, these migrant people sometimes want to escape the chaos of their own homeland.

Social disorders in their own homeland and sometimes societal anarchy often lead these people no choice but to escape from their homeland.

They knew that they could die without reaching the shores of Italy, nevertheless they’ll take the risk just to find a better life.

  • Sometimes they become influenced by the human traffickers

These poor people always wants to change their fate and they are desperate to change their economical condition. So human traffickers often take this opportunity to manipulate these people.

These poor people become victim of human trafficking.As I’ve said they(migrants) are desperate and they don’t have money to go to Europe legally.

That’s why they contact with those so called travel agency.These illegal travel agencies are human traffickers in disguise.

In that desperate journey, these people (migrants) lose their money and sometimes their life.

As I’ve said earlier you always see some people are trying to enter into Europe.There are lots of reasons behind this desperate journey.Here I’ve tried to found out the reasons that nobody talks.

If you want to read more about the migration crisis and statistics, you can see it from here:


Europe is undoubtedly the best and safest place to live by but illegal desperate journeys often leads to tragic consequences.

All the reasons I’ve stated above are based on my personal experience and observations.

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