Travelling to Oceania,my 13 USD wallet and how I've fallen asleep

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If we are planning to travel abroad, we all know that a passport is mandatory. It doesn't matter which country we are going but it's a must have element.

So if you have some knowledge about passport, you may have known that there is a passport index. So what does a passport index do?

Basically a passport index tells us how strong your passport is. That means if you are holding a passport, you can visit many country without any visa hassles.

More precisely, you if your passport is strong enough you can literally visit any country any time.You'll not have to run to the embassy to get a visa.

According to the passport index, Japanese citizens are super lucky.They can visit almost every country in this earth without any visa.

Just showing their Japanese passport they will get visa on arrival.

So these are the things I've planned last night and thought last night.Actually these are my interesting late night thoughts, which you may find also interesting.

In some insomniac nights, I find it very difficult to fall asleep.I try a lot but my techniques to fall asleep doesn't work out.

So I thought of an interesting idea to fall asleep. That idea worked last night and I've enjoyed a very peaceful sleep.

I'm sharing every details how I've fallen asleep easily and peacefully last night.

Again I'm saying this story is going to be very interesting and is going to make you laugh.

So last night while I was looking at the passport index I found out some interesting things.

With my country passport, I can visit almost 12 countries without any visa.There are some Pacific island countries where I can go without any visa.

And some Pacific island countries will allow me to stay there for almost 30 days without any visa.

Pacific Islands are the most beautiful countries in this earth and I'm quite sure you haven't heard about this countries before.

In a sense,it's a blessing that with my country passport,I have a scope to visit those heaven like countries.

So these are the Pacific and Caribbean island countries I can visit without any visa:

  • Turks and Caicos Islands

  • Bahamas

  • Cook Islands

  • Saint Kitts and Nevis

  • Bermuda

  • Fiji

  • Micronesia etc.

As I've said earlier, you may not heard about this countries before.These island countries are least explored and less populated.

As not many people come here or live here so her beauty remained secret to the outside world.

No internet, no hassles of city life, no tension just you, the sandy beaches and the big blue lagoon.

We all know that travelling is one of the most costliest thing to do.Though it's a bit costly but no other thing gives us much peace than travelling.

As I've said before, I can stay in Tuvalu for 30 days without any visa.So I thought I should check how much money travelling to Tuvalu would cost me in this 30 days.

Than I've made Google search about the living cost of Funafuti, Tuvalu.Though I don't need a visa but I need to buy a air ticket.

Sadly Tuvalu is far far away from my country.It will take 40 hour straight flight to reach my destination Tuvalu Islands.

Another sad fact is my air ticket will cost me around 1000-1500 USD depending on the airline and date.

And the return ticket will cost me the same. Than the biggest sad fact is only the air tickets will cost me 2000-3000 USD.

So let's imagine I've managed an air ticket to Tuvalu.Now let's see how much money it'd cost me to stay 30 days in Tuvalu.

I again did a Google search and the result amazed me. To stay one month in Tuvalu, I'm going to need another 600 USD.

My two air ticket and one month living cost is around 2600 USD.

Than at midnight I checked my wallet to see how much money do I have now.

I've only 13 USD in my wallet and it's unimaginable to spend 2600 USD.

In case if you didn't get the punchline, this is the punchline of my article.I only have only 13 USD let alone spending 2600 USD.

So how these monetary stuffs and calculations are helping me fall asleep?

  • When I'm calculating my brain is doing a lot of work.Consequently my brain becomes tired and pushing myself to fall asleep.

  • And secondly, as I don't have money so visiting Pacific island nations has become a dream of me.

    I don't know if it's scientifically proven or not but it worked.When I was dreaming, I find it very easy falling asleep.

And by the way here I'm adding some important websites link in case if you want to explore the countries:

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To see how many country you can visit without visa with your passport here is the Passport index website link:

Living cost calculator:

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Lols aside from you were successful in making sleep come to you, you visited a few places without a need for visa... nor did you have to spend your 13USD. Basically to sleep, you travelled free... Love the idea!

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2 years ago