Special children's are special in their own way

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In my college days, my college arranged a study tour in special child care institute.I think you've understand what this institute is all about.

As special children's require more care and more love so they also need specialised education.

That's why my country government has established and patronised a good amount of specialised education center for the special children's.

Some private sector organisations has also come forward to take care these special children's.

These child care institutions are like a heaven and free roaming place for these children.Well, let's not deny that our society still doesn't accept the special children's normally.

Though some developed and developing countries are taking care of these special childrens with good support and care.

But the pictures of least developed countries are quite the opposite.

I've seen some people whom acknowledge special children's as a curse. Some parents thought their special child is a result of sin they have committed earlier.

We all know that this are misconceptions and prejudice against those vulnerable special child.

What parents think when they gave birth a special child?

I've also experienced that if a special child gets treatment at an early age, their problems got solved. I mean they can lead the same life a normal person leads.

All they need is just some timely treatment. But as parents take those special child as a curse, so they become reluctant to provide them the medical care.

On the other hand as I've said, least developed or poor countries parents are unable to get the proper medical care because of monetary issues.So those special children who born in a poor family remained untreated and malnourished.

As society doesn't accept these special childrens normally and lack of special institutions lead to mishandling of these children's.

I don't know whether you've visited a special children's care center.

I'll suggest you to visit one if possible.In case if you didn't visit none of them let me tell you how they are treated inside.

  • First of all, all these children have different type of problems such as talking issues, physical development issues, communication inabilities and more.

So they need to overcome those problems to lead a normal life.In those special child care homes,they were given various therapy according to their problems.For those specific problems, the therapy works as a antidote.

Special child care homes try to find out the disabilities and provide them with proper medical care.

  • Secondly, some children's have some special qualities like singing, drawing, intense math solving skill, super memory and many more.

    If you don't see a special child with your own eyes,you will not be able to measure their abilities.

    You may not believe that some child can memorise way better than normal humans.So those child care homes, find their special capabilities and patronise them in their respective fields.

So that these children can live their own life with proper self respect and dignity.

That's the best thing about these homes.They not just only provide medical support but also they find out the hidden talents of those children and help them to grow.

Now I'm telling two stories about two special child.One is my cousin brother and one is my neighbour.My cousin brother, who is aged 5, has communication problem.

He doesn't talk and doesn't utter any single word in the last five year.He is the only son but his parents are not interested providing him medical care.

My cousin brother also has some physical problem.His growth is not natural I mean his bones is not developed in comparison with his age.

So why his parents aren't able to provide him(my cousin brother) proper medical care?

One short and simple answer they are just reluctant to do so.

My neighbours kid who is 16/17 years old now once he had communication issues.He was unable to utter the alphabets properly.

But my neighbour admitted their child to a special child care home.After almost 6/7 years of continuous treatment, now he can talk just like a normal person.

This kid who once had communication issues and verbal problems now he can use Facebook and other social medias.

The best thing about my neighbours kid that he is very good at drawing.Not just good, he is super good at drawing.

If you give him some colour pens and a piece of paper,he'll draw some picturesque drawing. I've already added a picture drawn by him just to let you know how talented my neighbour kid is.

So here is the fact if these special children's get proper medical care at an early age, they can lead their life like a normal person and sometimes better than a normal person.

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