Should we focus on Mars instead of earth?

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2 years ago

I was inactive for a long time which is almost 15 days maybe more. I don't know whether you've remembered me or not but I know you've missed me he he.

In the last 15 days I was too much focused on my studies so for that reason it was impossible for me to writing my stories. You know in this pandemic everything stopped but in terms of studies it is not stopped. On the other hand it has increased, the pressure has increased a bit.

So few days ago when I was just scrolling my feed I've seen an interesting video about going to the Mars. Mars is our neighboring planet we all know that.

Now humans are trying to settle there. First of all I respect the idea of human settlement on Mars but should we be more focused on Mars? Here in my article I'll share my thoughts regarding this. I'll also be very happy if you share your thoughts on this regard.

Firstly let's try to figure out what kind of problems do we have on this earth?Why are we thinking about expanding our lives beyond earth?

It is estimated that if the pollution rate/climate change rate continues at this rate it'll be impossible to live in this planet.

So to save the mankind now we may think of a different planet to live. But instead of searching for another planet let's go to core of the above mentioned problems.

Ask yourself a question about all kinds of pollutions which is happening in this world. Who are responsible for all this circumstances especially the pollutions?

We, humans are severely responsible for this circumstances which is happening in this earth. We are destroying are own planet earth.

Now think shouldn't we be more focused on solving the earthly problems first? Absolutely!On the contrary we are spending billions of dollars in all the missions of Mars.

I wish we could spend those huge amount of money on the earthly problems. Than we don't have to go to Mars for better living. We can make this earth a better one, a safer place for the mankind.

At the same time it's quite impossible to take millions of humans to a different planet.This out world planet travelling will surely increase the cost again.

Though I'm not a student of space engineering but learnt some physics though. So I know it's quite impossible to take this amount of people to another planet.

Yes there are tons of problems in this earth and most of them are made by humans. If we at least give up running after profits than we can save our environment, mostly our planet.

Besides imagine we've already gone to the Mars and living there. After 1000 year of human living in Mars we'll still face the same consequences on Mars as the earth too.

We'll pollute the environment of Mars and eventually we'll also be responsible for the climate change of Mars too.

So we've destroyed earth, than Mars. Than we have to search for another planet to save the mankind. This cycle will continue if we don't emphasize on our main problem.

As I've said all the earthly problems we experience today mostly are human made. "We" are the main problem not the earth nor any planets.

If we failed to solve the problems of our own selves than no planet will be suitable for our existence. We'll still pollute the another planet.

Instead of spending tons of thousands of money shouldn't we use that money to solve the earthly problems first?

If we can reduce the rate of all kinds of pollutions than this mother earth will be the safest place for mankind undoubtedly.

To sum up my writing, I love the idea of going to Mars but let's solve our main problems first. We don't have to search for another planet if we can give up our greediness.

Frankly speaking if we can stop eating forests than this earth will be the only place where human race will continue their journey to eternity.

Now I'm adding some very interesting articles about solving our own problems first.

These articles will surely enlighten your mind regarding this "Going to Mars issue".

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2 years ago


It is good to study what is unknown to us. Doing this makes us ahead of another person. The new things that we learn from our inquiry give us more substance and it may allow us to correct whatever misconceptions that we believe. Talking about going to another planet is another study. Going somewhere does not void the mistakes that we committed. Otherwise, it is left unsolved.

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2 years ago

I am not going nowhere hahah.Mars is too hot planet for living.Planet Earth is my living planet and I agree with you that we should more take care about it.So,conditions for living would be better.

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2 years ago

Good that you are back, after your break here at

Well, the article is very interesting and very topical. Yes, you are right as to the purpose of making amends for the mistakes made here on earth. First, we must solve the problems that we ourselves have created out of greed and love of pleasure.

A more frugal life is the earth's solution. The other planets can wait.

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2 years ago

Exactly the same thing I've said. For the sake of debate let's imagine we've already gone to Mars and settled there.

But if don't change our habit, our more profit gaining policy ,our forest destroying policy than its quite obvious that we will also destroy the Mars too.

The earth is not the problem rather the problem is us. After destroying Mars and earth than we have to search for another planet to live on.

It is us, who needs to change first at the first place.

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2 years ago