Parents negligence and death of a 5-year old relationship

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The story which I'm going to tell you will break your heart undoubtedly.This is a true love story of my department friend I heard yesterday.

Both of them are my friend so I know the whole story and I'm sharing it with you.

My friend, Meem is in a relationship with another friend of mine. She has not completed her graduation yet but her parents are talking about Meem's marriage.

As my friend hasn't completed her graduation yet so she said she will not marry now.But her parents are insisting and pressuring her.

So she said I'll not marry now because I want to complete my graduation and I'm in a relationship with another person. She also said,"I can't marry another person as I've promised him."

That is when all the problems begin at her home, my friend Meem's home.Her parents will not give her opportunity to choose her own life partner.Her parents again pressuring Meem to let go of her relationship.

There relationship is not a new relationship. They are in relationship from 2016 and they promised each other so hard. Today is May 2021, now think how can someone break a relationship which is almost 5 year old?

My friend Meem said, "If I had to marry than I'll only marry him( Her chosen guy). If you(Her parents) don't let me to marry him(Her lover), than I'll not marry someone else".

The main fact is her parents will not permit Meem to marry that guy(Meem's lover).Than they don't believe any love marriage means they are not interested.

Rather they will marry her off to a person according to their (Meem's parents) own choice.

n the other hand her parents also said if she( Meem) still continue the relationship or marry him than her parents will not let him entering the house again.They also said Meem will be abandoned from all family matters.

Now let me tell you one thing which will make the situation more clear to you. My friend, Meem's parents are much more rich than her lover's family.

And her lover is not that much rich. Meem's parents are belong to a higher social hierarchy but her lover is not. That's why her parents are restraining Meem to continue this relationship.

Meem's parents has taken away Meem's phone so that she can't be able to communicate with her lover. Her parents are pressuring Meem both verbally and emotionally to let go of her relationship.

Meem's lover is also my friend he is saying "Yes, it's true I don't have that much amount of money but I can assure Meem lead a happy life in my house. I'll give my everything to keep her happy and satisfied"

But Meem's parent are not contented with these words from her lover. They said," You( Meem's lover) don't meet our requirements and I don't like you. So let go my daughter and break the relationship."

So money is playing a vital role between these two young lovers.

But when you are in love does money matters at all? Do you love someone by seeing his/her money?

If so than why there are so much divorces in this world despite having a lot of money?I don't think so when you are in true love or true relationship money doesn't have any effect.

Now let me ask you something if you are in Meem's shoes than what steps did you take? Did you continue your relationship knowing it doesn't have any future and your parents are not agreeing with you?

Now here are my few talks that can solve this problem easily and my opinion regarding this relationship.

I'll also want to listen from you what steps Meem and his lover should take and how they should proceed now?

- First of all let's not forget that it's a five year long relationship and it's difficult for both of them to completely erase the relationship from their minds.

They have way too much dreams and they are seeing those for the last five years. So we should at least show some little respect to this relationship. Because again I'm saying it's not easy to forget this lengthy relationship.

- If her lover is not economically stable than her parents should give him some time to be stable. Only when that guy become economically stable than they should proceed the marriage instead of complete dissolution.

- As Meem is not a child so she should have enjoyed some right over her life.Most importantly it's her life so she should be able to take the decision whom to marry. My friend, Meem is a 22-year old girl so she knew what is going or bad.

Her parents should give her at least some space to talk. But the cruel fact is her parents are not letting her to take any decision. I wonder it's her life so she should have some right to take her life's decision.

-Yes money matters but money is not the only thing that brings happiness to anyone. There are thousands of homeless people and in deep poverty.

But along with the poverty also they are maintaining a family.But Meem's parents logic "Only money brings happiness" is not true at all.

They (Meem's parents) should give their daughter some spaces so that she can choose whom to marry or not.

Because at the end of day the it's not Meem's parents who will maintain the family. It's Meem who will maintain her own family.

I pray and hope her love can reach the highest destiny of a relationship which is marriage.What do you think what she (My friend) should do now?

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