My 9$ Xiaomi power bank is worst (product review)

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2 years ago

Nowadays, a smartphone without it's battery charge is nothing but a piece of useless thing. I don't know if power bank hasn't invented than how would people charge their phone in emergency situations. Maybe than they need to carry the whole power plant with themselves.

Though once smartphones have only 1000 Mah battery capacity but at present it increased to 6000 Mah. This was only 4 or 5 years ago most probably.

But still due to heavy usage , 6000 Mah battery capacity is also seems nothing. If any emergency situations, our phones battery runs out of charge than it causes a lot of troubles to the user.

Because all our works are into this 6 - inch screen. So it left us no choice but buying a power bank for uninterrupted power supply.

Though I've PC but I prefer to accomplish most of my works in my phone. Not only me, all of us have the tendency to accomplish their jobs in short and simplistic way possible.

Besides the most interesting fact is, this 6 -inch gadget fits well in my right pocket but a PC doesn't.

I'm using a Xiaomi device which has a massive battery of 5000 Mah. But when I'm doing excessive works, travelling a long distance or sometimes if there are electrical issues than i feel like 5000 Mah is also nothing.

Besides when you are using internet, you'll see your phone's battery is draining faster. As I pass most of my time on the internet and as my battery drains faster so I had to buy a power bank.

So almost a week ago, I brought a Xiaomi power bank from a shopping mall and that cost me around 9$.

I was saving some money to buy this gadget and I've brought the power bank from my savings. Now let share with you what's wrong with this power bank.

* Original authenticity issue

If you have used a Xiaomi product before, you may have noticed that there is a barcode on the product. You just need to scan the barcode in order to see whether the product is original or not.

There is also a product number under a black strip. You need to scratch the black strip in order to get the product number.

After scanning the barcode, it'll redirect to you on a Xiaomi website. Than if you put the number on that website, it'll tell you the authenticity of that product.

So when I was buying that product, I checked the black strip and the barcode. Yes the product number and the black strip was on the packet of the power bank.

So I scratched it and got a product number than I scanned the barcode. But the terrible fact is it didn't redirect me to Xiaomi product website. Rather it redirected me to a spooky scam site.There were no option to check my products authenticity.

But the website domain have ".cn" that means the domain was registered correctly.But I don't know what kind of scam is that.

But the shop owner said it was an original product. I failed to prove the authenticity of my power bank.

It has a barcode and unique product number but it's not an original product. Though it redirect me to a Xiaomi website what has a ".cn" domain.

They have designed a same type of product authentication website with the same ".cn" domain just to scam buyers like me.

* Service issues

My newly brought power bank has 10000 mAh battery capacity on the other hand my phone have 5000 mAh battery capacity.

So I should be able to full charge my phone at least 1.5 time. But again the horrific fact is I'm unable to full charge my phone not for a single time.

Yesterday when my phone reached 67% charge level than my power bank just run out of its charge. That means it doesn't have full 10,000 mAh battery capacity.

Originally my power has 5000 mAh battery capacity. So in the question of battery capacity again I'm scammed.

* Takes almost 10 hours to get full charged

Though it doesn't full charge my phone but it takes 10 hours to full charge itself. I've searched on the internet to see how much time a 10,000 mAh power bank take to get itself full charged.

The answer is around 5/6 and sometimes 7 hours. But my power bank took more time than usual.

So there must be some issues inside the power bank circuit who knows?

So if you are into buying any electronic gadget than make sure you've checked it via barcode scanner or product number.

My mistake was I blindly trusted the show owner and didn't checked it while I was buying that power bank.

If you see any problem with the product authentication than don't buy this fake product. I don't want anyone to get scammed the same way I was scammed.

Make sure the product is original and it's in the manufacturer's database. Losing 9$ on a power bank has remained a lesson for me and I'll not do the same mistake again.

So make sure:

-You checked that product authenticity

-See the product closely if this was used or remanufactured

- Go for other renowned brands like Baseus, Samsung, RAVpower etc.

And here is the model number of my power bank:

- PLM09ZM just don't buy it.

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2 years ago