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Mental illness and how to prevent them

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3 months ago

Psychology is one of my course subject. When I was studying psychology I came to know a lot of human psychological behaviours and patterns.This fascinated me a lot.

Medical psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses only on mental health.I do love medical psychology.

I've studied a lot about mental diseases and how to prevent them.

Here in my article I'll share some of my findings about preventing mental diseases. As we know,prevention is much more better than cure.

Good mental health is necessary as well as a good healthy body. But we often ignores our mental health and that causes a lot of problems in our day to day life.

So to prevent mental illness and to ensure a good mental health this steps should be taken

1) Before birth:

When a child is in the womb of a mother, mother's good mental and physical health should be ensured.

Because child's mental health is dependent on the mother's good mental health and mental strength.

Nutritious foods and good treatments should be given to her and more importantly she should be well taken care of.

2) At the birth period

Any kind of injury to the child's head or any part of the child's body during giving birth can lead to serious mental illness. This period is the most important part.

3)Selection of foods for the newborn

After birth,a newborn baby should be given breast milk as soon as possible and as the child ages more,more nutritious foods should be given to the child according to the advice of the doctors.

This time is the development age. So the family members should be careful.

4) Good relation with the family members

Parents and other family members ,relatives, neighbours all play a vital role for a child's socialization.

A good between the members of the family and the child is mandatory. The newborn child can learn a lot of things from them which develops his mind.

5) Family and school environment

If a child is raised in a bad family or school environment this ,this hampers the child's future development.

On the other hand if we take good care, provide him a good, lovely and enjoyable environment where a child can roam freely all this elements create a child's good and strong mental health.

6) Exploring child's mental world

If the child is highly ambitious about something or always feel depressed and out of the world, parents should talk with the child.

This will diminish all the bad things from the child's mind. More positive thoughts should be provided to the child. Parents consultation is must.

The more parents talk to the child,the more his problems will be solved.

7) Developing a child's inner self

Notice closely what your child loves to do. What is his favourite hobby?Is he loves drawing?Then provide him the drawing materials.

Moreover parents should be help the child to explore the latent hidden talent. This will also create a good personality in himself.

8) Helping to deal with the mental stress

Never let your child feel alone if you are a parent.If you notice anything abnormal,than don't ignore. The same thing goes with the family members and relatives too. Mental stress is the first step of mental illness.

If your closed ones are feeling stressed, then stay with themselves. If you cannot do anything about the problems,just listen. If possible then help him to solve his problems.

9) Social environment:

Our outside environment plays a very big role developing our mental health. If we always live in the chaos ,our mental health will deteriorate.

A very good social environment is necessary for good mental health. That's why we should create a good and healthy social environment around us.

10) Accept your life

Accept the difficulties of life.All of us face the same thing in our life.

11) Genetical influences

If there are traits of mental illness in the family history,then we should be careful.

12) Addiction

To have a good mental health , we should stop taking drugs and most importantly quit smoking.

13) Brain injury and virus infections

Another cause of mental diseases is brain injury and infections caused by viruses in brain. If any symptoms developed it should be diagnosed properly and carefully.

To prevent mental illness, we need to learn a lot about mental diseases.We should not ignore any symptoms.

If any symptoms develops then immediately consult with the doctor or tell your friends,loved ones or family. Always we need to remember that if our mental health is good then our physical health will be good too.

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Written by   70
3 months ago
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Great article about how to prevent mental illness.

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1 month ago