Let's debunk the characteristics of politicians

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I've been watching the game of politics since my teenage time.I've tried to observe themselves from a close point of view.

We simply cannot ignore nor hate politics or politicians as long as they are working for the welfare of the entire society.But do they do so?

What are these politicians are doing in this pandemic? What should have they done?Have you asked yourself these questions? Are they really working for the welfare of the entire society?

Here are my findings about the characteristics of a politician.I am quite sure, most of you will agree with me.

  • Making false promises:

Before the election, you'll see the politicians are making some great promises that if they are elected they will do this.

They will do that, they will ban this, they will change people's life etc etc.But once they got elected they started to show their real faces to the people.

They just forget their past just like a goldfish and never repeat the words they had said before the election.

After election, they again start lying and again start giving people false hope. After election, they say yes we are doing our best, yes we'll keep all the promises.

No matter how hard it is but surely we'll work according to the plan etc etc. But we all know these are false hopes. So firstly they give people false promises and than they give false hopes to the desperate people.

Now I have a question if they are unable to keep their promises which they make before the election than why do they give promises?

If they are unable to fulfill people's dream they why they give false hopes to the desperate people?

Frankly speaking, to become a good politician you should have the ability to tell lie continuously. Without lying, you'll never won anything being a politician.

Now let's try to find some good politician around who is not a liar and who really worked for the people.

Yes the opposite side exist in this world.There are some selfless, unbiased and some good politician also exist in this world but they are really low in number.

  • Taking advantage of people's weakness or emotion:

Most of the time politicians take the advantage of people's desperate times.They deeply observe the people's mindset and than work accordingly their mindset.

Say In as society,80 percent people are jobless or living malnourished life.Than a guy "X" rose among them and started acting like he'll solve all the problems.

Other people started believe in him that Mr "X" will surely solve all their problem. As Mr "X" has large support from his people he begins to climb the power ladder.

And soon he rises to the peak of the power ladder and than as usual he forgets everything.

He forgets that where he was, who made him the leader, how he become the leader.That's become a general picture of the politicians especially in the third world.

Rose from the poor community, become a leader of the poor people than after successfully reaching the power ladder forget everything.Than started living a luxurious life, ignoring his past.

  • Instead of uniting people, they divide them intentionally:

If you really want to make your society developed, you have to bring everyone under the umbrella.

From the homeless people to the rich guy, you have to bring everyone under the social welfare umbrella.I don't know why politicians don't understand this simple thing.

They prioritize a fraction of the society while completely ignore other fraction.They prioritize the business owners while ignore the poor working class and so on.

On the other hand as politics is a big playground of money, simply the politicians will prioritize the welfare of business owners.

Moreover mostly people become a big business owner first than they drive themselves to the politics.

Now simply ask yourself,if money is involved in the politics than how can someone expect it'll work for the whole society?

  • And finally they can't simply accept opposition:

If their is 100 person in a society, there must be some portion of people who will not agree with your proposal.They might have different idea or they might have their own solution.

But hardly you'll see, politicians listen to the opposite ideas or opposite words.They will simply ignore the opposition.

Whether you are opposition or the ruling body all you belong to the same society.If something goes bad, both of you have to suffer the consequences. Besides general people will become the worst sufferer.

Than why don't you people take any action, which will benefit everyone? More precisely, benefit the whole society?

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