I was very much passionate about learning English

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Learning English always fascinated me from the day when I come to know if I learn English I can communicate with literally everyone in this world.

Though later I come to know there are lot of countries where English is not spoken that much.

If we put aside those countries most of countries of this world and most of the people learn, understand and be able to communicate in English.

So from that perspective I was very passionate about learning this language from my childhood still I'm learning though.I'm quite satisfied with my learnings if you scroll through my profile you'll see all the articles are written in English.

I feel very happy when my audience understand what I've tried to say because to express something in another language and to make people understand is not easy at all. I'm glad that I've improved my efficiency in the past years in that side.

So this article will highlight how I've learned English over this year's.This will be helpful for non native speakers like me if you really want to improve.

But let me tell you first just like you English is not my native language so for this kind of problems learning a foreign language is like a life long process.

  • I've seen most of my friends paid money to participate some English learning courses to acquire this language.

But I believed that money can't make someone expert in something like language. Because you know language is a matter of practice and practice.

The more you'll be able to practice in any language, the more you'll have good insight of that language.

Besides on that time I don't want to spend money on courses like this.So I thought of self learning English without paying money to anyone.I didn't go to anyone and I didn't participated in any kind of paid courses.

You may believe me or not when you are trying to learn language, self learning helps twice better than learning it in paid courses.

  • From my school days I'd a habit of learning some English newspapers.English newspapers cost me around 0.12$ per day.This newspapers helped me way better than learning in a room.I just read through the lines.

Though sometimes I wasn't able to understand the meaning because of my lack of vocabulary.But as I've read the whole news so I was able to understand what it was trying to say.

To get a real meaning of a passage or article you don't need to memorise thousands of words. Besides it's impossible for our brain to memorise thousands and thousands of English words.

But if you read the whole passage than surely you'll have some idea.If you read more and more your understanding ability will increase eventually.

Besides your writing ability will be better day by day. It is said that if you want to write a passage you've to read at least ten passages.

From that perspective newspapers are really helpful for developing writing ability.

English newspapers helped me greatly in understanding English language.This 0.12$ newspapers helped me way better than 30$ paid courses.

  • To develop my speaking and also understanding ability I've watched tons of English movies and most importantly I've followed news channels like BBC news, CNN.

They are the native speakers of English so if you understand them that means you have a very good command over English.

There was time I've spend at least half an hour on this news channels to improve my English. In morning when I take breakfast,BBC news accompany me on my breakfast table.

Few days back I was watching a documentary on BBC about the California bush fire.I've a suggestion for you if you really want to improve your English watch documentary.

  • This is very simple that I'm not a native speaker so my pronunciation will not be same as the native speakers.

This thing is also applicable for you if you are not a native speaker like me too.

Besides you've your own way of pronunciation I don't think pronunciation is a big fact.As long as you are able to continue communicating and understand pronunciation is not a fact.

Besides from my experience I can say if you listen to news or movies your pronunciation will improve gradually.

  • And the most important thing is grammatical rules rules and rules.Yes it's true that when you are communicating officially grammar is important but don't heavily concerned about that.

If you put too much pressure on grammar at the end of the day you'll see your learning balance is zero.If you focus on improving English your grammar will improve gradually.It's like improving one side your other side will improve too.

Above I've discussed how I've improved my English and over the past years how I've acquired English though it's not my native language.

I made mistakes but I was passionate and my passion is giving me the sweet fruits now.

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