I think perfect money is better than Payeer wallet!

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So here we go again with another comparative article. Long ago, I've published an article about two wallet's they are bitcoin.com wallet and Payeer wallet.

I've shown the main differences between this two wallet's and which is comparatively better.

If you want to have a read of that comparative article you can read it from here:


So today I'll talking about two virtual currency wallet's basically I'll be sharing my user experience and will try to summerize which wallet or which virtual currency is comparatively better.

Today I'll write about perfect money wallet and Payeer wallet.I'll emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of this two wallet's which I've experienced personally.

Perfect money account/wallet:

If you are roaming in the virtual world and want to have a virtual currency which will be acceptable in everything than I think you should choose a perfect money account/wallet.

As we've sank into the digital world we need to purchase some digital things like VPN subscription. Say you need to buy a VPN subscription you've to use a virtual currency.

I've seen perfect money is accepted in all kind of online shops.Though there are some competitors like PayPal but most of the shop's accept perfect money.

So if you have a perfect money account you can easily buy a VPN subscription without any hassles.

But Payeer is not supported worldwide like in every kind of shop's.So purchasing something with Payeer wallet will give you a huge amount of hassles mark my words.I've hardly seen any online shop that supports Payeer wallet.

In my early gaming days I've brought some gaming equipments with perfect money.I was searching for a shop that supports Payeer but you know what I didn't find any.

So I had use my perfect money wallet to buy my gaming equipments.

So here is my suggestion if you want to purchase something without any extra hassles you can use perfect money wallet.

-Perfect money security system have just blown my mind though it's bit irritating but when it comes to money you shouldn't give any chance.

I've seen every time I tried to login to my perfect money wallet it sends me a confirmation mail to ensure whether it's a safe login or not.

This thing is missing in the Payeer wallet and I think the security features are not well enough.

- Have you ever wondered that you can get profit from the money you have saved?Yes! I've fallen love with perfect money for this feature because earning money is not easy. You are getting some annual profit from your savings.

This profit system will surely encourage you to save more money.On the other hand you'll also want to get more profit.To get more profit you need to save more money.This habit will eventually decrease your money overspending.

But in Payeer account there is no profit system means you'll not get any profit from your savings.As far I remember perfect money gives annually 5% profit.

- Another best feature of perfect money blown my mind is money lending system. Say you need some money at an emergency basis but you don't have anyone.

You can lend some money from another perfect money user online. Amazing isn't it man? On the contrary, if you lend someone money online there will be interest too.

Say you've 100$ in your perfect money wallet you don't need the money in the upcoming months. So you decided to lend your money and to earn some interest.

Again this monetary lending system isn't available in Payeer wallet.

You may not believe me after listening this ha ha.You can literally buy gold with your perfect money wallet. Now tell how much useful features perfect money have in it's system.

To learn more about the perfect money and to check more features of perfect money I'll suggest you to visit there website.

Website: https://perfectmoney.com/

When we are talking about fees or charges perfect money also have less amount of fees/charges.

In that case I think perfect money is better than Payeer wallet.Payeer, I've seen more costly than perfect money.

Now it's time to do your research about which wallet to use and as a perfect money user I can say perfect money will give you some extra beats.

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