I can't endure sickness

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This is going to be my first article for the month of August and it's been awhile since I've published my last article. I've embraced some unexpected events in the last couple of days.

That's why I was unable to become normal.Let me share with you my disheartening story.

There is a saying if you express your grief with your friends, it can reduce some of your pain. For this reason I'm trying to remove the stone from my inside.

Early July,a phone call came from my rural home that my grandfather had gone through a massive stroke.He was unable to move his left hand and left foot.

His left side become completely numb.He was admitted immediately to a local hospital.But as the stroke was heavy so they discharged him.And they advised to take him to the capital city.

My grandfather have four sons and three out of them live abroad.Two brothers are in Malaysia and one in Singapore.

As soon as they heard the news of their father's critical condition, they become desperate to come back home.

But as for the pandemic,there was no international flight available.

So they had to condole staying abroad.They are living abroad for a very long time and than they heard their father is in critical condition. Can you imagine how much pain they have felt than?

I can't imagine that much pain and I pray to Almighty so that no son ever would have to go through this.

After one month of relentless treatment in a sophisticated medical center,few days back he passed away.

In the last Thursday morning, exact at 7:30 AM,my grandfather breathed his last.

Firstly my two uncle have failed to take care of their father at his last time.Due to the unavailability of international flight they couldn't return.

Now they have to bear the loss of their father staying abroad.They can't stay beside their father at his last time.This pain became so much heavy for them.

Than we also couldn't attend the funeral of our grandfather because of countrywide lockdown.My uncles couldn't attend their father's funeral and also my grandfather's other family members also couldn't.

Than my grandfather's funeral become a one last lone journey where no one accompany him and also an emotional one.

An event before his death:

My mother was very keen to see my grandfather's face for the very last time in the hospital.

Mother was lucky enough to watch my grandfather's face via a video call for the last time.She saw, he(My grandfather) was lying on the hospital bed and was just a numb body.

She called me to watch his face for the last time.But I was very fearful and anxious and I didn't join the video call.

I thought if he(grandfather) gets round than I'll talk with him. I was expecting he'll come round.Besides I can't endure sickness nor see someone fighting with sickness.

This gives me anxiety and the fear of death grasp me.

But if I had known it before that he( grandfather) will breath his last in a few days than I'd have joined that video call. Now I'm regretting things why I've not joined that video call.

Here is the thing I've learned from this event:

Death is obvious and if there is life, there must be the presence of death.Fearing this will only make life more worse and anxious.

Before breathing our last breath, it's our duty to be a good man, making someone happy and living a happy life. Yes, these should be our duty and top priority.

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interesting share! Thanks

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