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How I use Google to get the best study materials

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1 month ago

Sometimes it is seen that we spend a lot of money for buying books just before the examination.

But in some cases we also experience that books are not enrich enough to give the best output such as lack of contents, complexity, wrong arrangements etc.

Besides most of the students do not possess the ability to buy books in every semester.

So here is my question how can we get the most efficient and simple study materials with very low cost?

To answer the question, Google is single handedly enough for you to cover a huge variety of topics only if you know to how to search for it.

If you just search you may not get the desired results but if you follow some techniques you can get more than a book.

So here in my article I'll share the methods I use to get the best study materials from the internet.

If you are having issues on getting the perfect materials on internet you can surely follow my instructions and get the most out of internet.

1)Directly go for the lecture notes because they cover details and wide range of topics.

I'm very much grateful to those teachers who dedicates their entire life for the students. Teachers are always busy with teaching and finding some space is very difficult for them.

If you look you'll see there are some outstanding teachers who uploads their lecture notes on the internet with a pdf version.

Why I'm talking about lecture notes because if you go through the notes you'll have a detailed idea about the concept besides in every lecture notes there are tons of keywords.

Before the exam we have only limited time to revise the whole syllabus. Sometimes we become unable to revise and our exam becomes a terrible one.

These things will not happen to you if you can simply remember the keywords.Just go through the keywords before the exam so that your syllabus will be short and get enough time.

Just go to Google and search your desired topic by writing like this:

"Introduction to political science lecture notes pdf".

If you want to get the most specific topic than type specifically like this.

"Types of family lecture notes pdf"

There are some word document file also available but I think pdf file is way better than "doc" files.

Not only this you'll also find some "ppt" power point files too.

After the class our dedicated teachers uploaded the whole content as "ppt" version so that global students like us can get benefitted.

If our extraordinary teachers can do this why not we take the opportunity just by searching?

If you want to know a specific site for this purpose try SlideShare. This website is wholly dedicated on the "ppt" files.

2)To test your knowledge you can search for a Quizlet

There are some sites where you can test how much you have learned and this is also free. You are studying as well as testing your knowledge isn't it amazing?

3) Read books synopsis, summary and analysis

Sometimes you'll see some books are not available as pdf version because of some issues. You've to buy that book with a price.

You don't have money but you need the book urgently so how will you do it? Simple just search with the name of the book with synopsis.

Like this "Gulliver's travels book summary"

4) Try researchgate to get the thesis papers to enrich your knowledge for free

From my experience, researchgate is an outstanding place where teachers, sometimes students share their thesis papers on a particular topic.

Why I'm suggesting this because there are some students who wants to learn more and more on a specific topic.

If you are one of them than this is the perfect place for you to enlighten yourselves.

Though most of the materials here are free but some exclusive contents may not be available for general users. But I am assuring you most of the contents are available.

5) Use the diagrams

We take a lot of time to make notes but if you follow a technique you can lessen your time for note writing.

You don't need to write line by line just draw some figures that will describe your entire topic.

Before the exam night revising every topic is a challenge. But study the diagrams can be very time saving.

Write the specific topic you are searching with a diagram than click the image on Google search bar.

Like this "Gender characteristics diagram"

You'll find some eye catching presentation of that particular topics.Those are easy to read besides easy to memorise.

This is the most creative way I've seen so far because you are not only saving your time but also making easy to memorise a hard topic.

These are the methods I personally use to get the most study materials of simple Google search. Internet is a superb place only if you know how to search for your desired topic.

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Written by   84
1 month ago
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Wow!such an informative article,thanks for sharing. Its a great help for all students out there..

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1 month ago

It's great to hear that especially students like me are benefitted from my writings. Internet brings students together around the world.

Let's share our knowledge so that students from every corner can get benefitted. This is the thing I believe and I follow. You are welcomed.

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1 month ago

let's visit my article

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1 month ago

Very informative article. I got out of school a long time ago.

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1 month ago

Thanks they are some good tips. Especially now when all classes are online

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1 month ago

You are whole heartedly welcomed and hope that you also get benefitted from these tips. As I've said internet is a very interesting place only if you know how to search for it.

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1 month ago