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Hide your files like a pro-Smartphone tricks

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1 year ago

Today I'm going to share with you three smartphone tricks. The best thing is you can do all this things without any kind of extra app.

1) Convert your music files without extra App

Sometimes you want to convert your audio files to video files and vice versa. For this you need to download an extra app from play store like MP3 converter. But if you know this trick,you can easily convert your desired files without downloading any extra app. Isn't it amazing? So how to do it? Let's see the steps:

  • Go to file manager

  • Then search for your desired video file

  • Then select the video file and rename it to .MP3

  • Say your video file name is Paradise.mp4 after the process it will become paradise.mp3

That's is how you can turn your video files to audio without any help of extra converter app.


You can play this files with any audio player and you'll have the right to convert them back to video. Though all the advantages this conversion process has some disadvantages too. Here are the disadvantages.

The file size will not be reduced. It will remain the same as it was and if you play this file with MX Player, the video file will open instead of the audio file.

2) Hide your files from the file manager App

Sometimes we want our private photos,videos and personal documents not to be visible on Gallery app or Image viewer or any video player. We want to hide them completely.

That's why we download many types of folder locker or AppLock. I can assure you that if someone can access to your phone this AppLock is nothing. Any one get access to your private photos. Nobody want this to be happen.

So what is the solution of this problem? What is more secure than a random AppLock? The fun part is you can do it in your phone without having installed any kind of AppLock. Your phones file manager is enough to protect your privacy. Now let's see how this things works.

You need to create a folder named .nomedia and remember to give the dot. Without the dot this function will not work. Then move all your personal data, image,video to that folder and booyah you are done.

So here are the advantages of this tricks:

  • Your personal private photos files and videos become hidden without any extra app. On the other hand if someone go to your phone menu and see that you are using a file hider app, he/she will suspect you.

So this trick will help you hide your personal things without any kind of extra app.

  • Your files didn't go anywhere moreover they are not encrypted and there is no scope of losing them. They are just hidden from the gallery.

When you use an file hiding app, if any case that file hiding app is uninstalled and there is a chance of losing all your personal things. If you use this technique there is no risk of losing anything.

Though there are lots of advantages there are a little disadvantage too.

As your photos are available in your file manager app,that means if someone gets access to your file manager application there is a chance of losing your personal photos.

In that case ,you can lock your file manager app with your phones built in AppLock system. When it's a matter of privacy , don't take any risk.

3) Hide your files from file manager app too

In my last trick I've shown you how to hide photos or videos from your gallery. But that has a little problem that those photos and videos are available in file manager.

Not that kind of safe method. But if you want more privacy that try this method. I think this will be more helpful. You can also hide your files from file manager app too.

Before going to the trick let me tell you something. When we use any kind of extra file hiding app,that app creates a hidden folder in your storage and moves all your photos there.

And when you unhide your files , all your photos or videos came back to normal storage. You can do it with the help of your file manager. In that case you will not have to install any extra app.

So here is how to do it:

First you need to create a folder named "My hidden files" .Then move all your photos or information there. Then you need to change the name to .Myhiddenfiles

And never forget to give the (.) before the folder name. If you don't give the name, your folder will not be hidden. Your files have become hidden from your file manager app too.

Now the question is how to unhide your personal informations? You just need to go to your file manager and you will see a three dot and click there.

You will see a button named show hidden files. Just click there and you'll get your personal things again.

Now I'm telling you the best trick about how to deceive someone. You can give the name of your folder to .com.hidvidu.file This folder is already a hidden folder and the name is uncommon. Nobody will not suspect anything.

So here are the three tricks. When the question is about your privacy, don't give someone any kind of scope.

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Written by Β Β 119
1 year ago
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Wow, its so tricky. I will definely try this excellent tricks.

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Thank you ☺️

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