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Fast food and public health

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3 months ago

It is said that health is wealth. You can have a lot of wealth if you aren't in good health you will not be able to enjoy your wealth.

But it is a matter of sorrow that eating fast foods has become a fashion for people especially e for urban people. Many people particularly young people prefer to eat fast food instead of meals cooked or prepared at home.

However most people nowadays depend on fast food restaurants in their daily life.

Many people are constantly busy with their daily professional activities and so they do not have much time to prepare their food at home.

Thus,fast food restaurants are the great conveniences for everyone at any time. Besides fast food restaurants are at every corner of a street.When people get hungry they do not have to waste a lot of time searching for a restaurant to eat from.

These fast foods we eat, diminish our hunger very quick and if we talk about the price fast foods are very cheap.Very close to our hands.For this advantages we are moving towards to fast food instead of taking nutritious foods.

People can also order from fast food restaurants which help them save time.Besides fast food offers teenagers the kind of food they like such as hamburgers fried chicken or pizza.

Adults also love fast food because it is spicy and crispy appetizing also. Fast food satisfies almost all types of peoples palette.

Hence fast food restaurants are popular because fast food is not only convenient but also tasty.We have talked about the advantages of fast food. Fast foods have dark sides too.
Fast food have great negative effects upon public health.

People eating fast foods suffer from various diseases and health problems. They grow fat and obese.As the become fat that's why their cholesterol level also rises high.This creates a lot of heart problems.

Not only physical problems,it also impacts our mental health too. When we become fat we become lazy, anxious,depressed and we lost our work force.We feel sleepy all the time.

This is a lengthy process.This symptoms doesn't show up after one or two days of eating fast food rather it happens when eating fast foods become our habit.When we make it a habit eating fast foods become our obsession.You can say it is convenient,it is cheap but the negative impacts is immeasurable.We can't keep our health at risk.

Many people eating fast foods suffer from hypertension,obesity and diabetes. Even fast foods damage our liver kidney heart and also responsible for other organ failures.

So it is high time people should refrain from eating fast foods.It is better eating less food then eating fast foods that hampers our healthy lifestyle.

The decision is yours wheather you want to live a healthy peaceful life without any diseases or eating fast foods and getting yourself unhealthy.

So what can we do to avoid this kind of unhealthy situation?The only thing we can do is to eat nutritious foods like fruits and fresh vegetables.

Fresh garden vegetables are the great sources of vitamins and minerals.If you have a small place beside your house you create a garden their.As a result you can have fresh vegetables instantly.Moreover this can be very well time passing hobby.

Vegetables may not seem tasty but it can help you to regain your health which you've lost eating all the fast foods.When the question is about your health let's not keep a blank space between this.

You can drink fresh juices made from fruits and also drinking water is also mandatory.

Fluids are very necessary for our health.

I can assure you you will not fall ill if you just let go the habit of fast foods.

We should eat nutritious foods so that they can enjoy a healthy and happy life.Without a healthy lifestyle we cannot enjoy our life fully.

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Written by   70
3 months ago
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