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Ecosia: search web to plant trees

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3 months ago

We spend a large part of our daily lives on the Internet. We usually use Google's search engine to search for something.We can plant trees by using internet.

How? Yes, that's right. We all want to do something for the country and above all for our world and we can do it by planting trees.

Planting trees is a great initiative. We can do this from home. Interestingly we can plant a tree from our bedroom.

A search engine called Ecosia is giving us that opportunity. We can make our world more green and habitable by planting trees in the hot, less rainy and areas with less tree of the world. Trees are true friends of our environment.

We can survive in this world only because there are trees. We will not survive without trees. But the unfortunate thing is that we are cutting down trees freely.

We think of various business profits, we are cutting down trees for our own benefit.

But never think about how we would survive without trees. We will literally die a painful death in the absence of trees.

We can't buy oxygen. Trees give us oxygen without money. All our profits and all our business will go vain without trees. We will not exist.

What is "Ecosia"

Ecosia is a search engine similar to Google. However, the difference between them and Google is that Ecosia planted trees with the money earned from their search. Incredible and true!

Another interesting fact is that Ecosia has planted about 70 million trees so far.

Story behind the journey of "Ecosia"

Christian Kroll, a young German student of business administration, is obsessed with traveling around the world after finishing his studies.

However, that trip was not just for pleasure, it was full of business ideas. The desire to collect all the fancy ideas. As he turn around, he realized that the world is rapidly becoming enslaved to technology.

And the plants seem to be declining faster than this.

From this thinking of planting trees more more on December 6, 2009, a new search engine, Ecosia, was launched at the Copenhagen Climate Conference.

In the early years of various meetings and seminars, Team Ecosia spoke about the need for trees. Trees used to come to those places with gifts. Gradually Kroll started to sort everything out.

Organizations like Yahoo, Bing come forward. A challenging journey begins! Another founding member went down to the forest with Tim Schumacher.

Large-scale planting is taking place in Juruena National Park in Brazil and a small part of the Amazon.

Then Peru, Colombia, Spain, Haiti, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Indonesia mostly countries with the less trees.

The current number of users in Ecosia is about 70 million, up from 20 million a few years ago.

How can you plant trees by searching Internet?

If you want, you can be part of this great tree planting initiative of Ecosia! You can download "Ecosia" app from Google playstore.We are always search for something. We always search the internet.

As such, the number 45 searches is nothing at all! After searching for something in Ecosia only 45 times, a tree will be planted in your name! Very easy isn't it?

Then the number will continue to increase. We are being modernized with the advancement of technology, the ultimate benefit is enjoyment.

But everything will go in vain, if we can not breathe in the open air!On the other hand even if we wanted to, we could not plant trees due to lack of time. Ecosia is giving that opportunity!

Another good thing about "Ecosia"

The biggest quality of Ecosia is that they give users a sense of privacy. Giant search engines like Google usually collects data from your searches, collects interest, and sells it to large companies by creating a hidden personal profile for you.

This is unknown to most people. But Ecosia does not do these things. They will never sell your data or information anywhere. That's why Ecosia can be used safely.

Last few words

From one of my searches, if the earth gets a tree, some people get oxygen, get fruit, then where is the difficulty to use Ecosia along with Google?

For every 45 searches, Ecosia can raise money to plant a tree. Come on, we use Ecosia as well as Google.

Let's come forward to balance the world's climate, weather and environment.

This is not a very difficult thing. Let's keep up doing the good works and make the world a green place so that our next generation can live peacefully.

To learn more about " Ecosia" you can visit:

You can get all the details here.So why wasting time? Let's be a part of this very good initiative only by searching the web.

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Written by   72
3 months ago
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