Deep fake videos, and my few words

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After any kind of technological advancements or any kind of technological inventions two types of problems occurs.

First one is there is some people who wants to take advantage in a bad way and the second one is to tackle the problems of new advancement there is no regulations or something like that.

Because if a user has a smartphone it depends on the user how he/she will use it. It's our conscience that enables us to differentiate what is bad and what is good. So instead of doing harm to people we choose to do good.

But not everyone thinks like that in this manner so simply they harm people, take advantage wrongly, use it for a wrong purpose, misuse the program basically they just use it badly.

So in today's world there is an technological advancement is going on which is called "Deep fake" video.

Once people have the ability to edit a photo via Photoshop to fabricate a real event, to blackmail someone or to spread some fake news.

But Photoshop has become very much old school these days now mass people get more destructive tool to spread fake news and rumours which is called Deep fake video.

If you have already the word "Deep fake video" than you know everything about it. And if you don't know let me summerize it briefly. Using this tool people can fabricate live videos, people can change the whole video.

So why am it writing about this topic?

  • I want to make sure you are updated with the virtual world actually what kind of technological advancements are going on. And what kind of tools miscreants are using to propagate fake news.

Especially in this pandemic it seems like there is another pandemic going on which can be said that "Fake news pandemic". Fake news spreads more faster than the real news because I don't know why but people believes them.

  • I want to let you know the hazards of deep fake videos and how it can spread fake news or propaganda in a single moment.

  • I want to let you know how you can catch a deep fake video because it is necessary these days because man have the tendency to believe everything they see in their eyes.

But time has come not to believe your eyes too because things you are seeing on the internet may not be real.

Basically I want to make you aware of this new technology and not to misuse this.

So if you are watching a still photo you may not believe it but if you see someone is talking there is possibility to make someone believe.

But ultimately that video is fake/unreal/fabricated. Already some miscreants have published some fake videos of renowned celebrities especially they are targeting women's.

If you see someone is talking on the camera, blinking their eyes, talking, scratching forehead you'll believe that surely.

You may not think twice before believing that if you are not well aware of the deep fake videos or if you don't know about them. So here is how you can differentiate between a deep fake video and a real video.

You can make yourself aware, your friends and family most importantly you can keep your community safe just read it from here

Image from Norton US


And the question is how general mass people are getting this kind of technology?

General mass people don't have to do any kind of tough task or any kind of extra hassles because this softwares are a single hand away.

Recently an app called which can be found in Google's play just caught my eye.People can generate fake videos of their photos with some popular songs.

Though the videos quality is bit low but as the technology is getting improved day by day so there is possibility the quality will also improve.

My social media feeds are overflowing with the fake videos people are making videos for fun but they don't know it has a dangerous side.

Now users can generate fake music videos with some preset music's.Another thing caught my eye is the music list is quite big and updating day by day.

People are making music videos for fun and it'll be fun as long as people are using it only funny purpose. But as general people are introduced to this so there is a chance it can be misused.

There are other apps available directly to the mass people which they can generate fake videos. Now as I've said time has come not to believe your eyes.

My opinion regarding this:

I think this kind of softwares should only be opened for the professionals and only they can regulate any operation.

Social media platforms should be made more sophisticated or set up any system that can catch the fake videos and to alert the viewer that it's a fake video.

I've seen a news that Facebook is trying to set up some regulations on this.

Technology will improve day by day but the thing mostly matters whether you'll use it for the betterment of human kind or to do harm to mass people.

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Hello dear friend,I have a smartphone but I never thought of making a fke profile,photo or anything else.I heard about Photoshop a years ago but I did not know about Deepfake programm.I do not know why people use such technology,if they are not professional in this things,for me is stupid and pointless.For videos I heard first time too.

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2 years ago