Chernobyl nuclear disaster, catastrophes and my thoughts

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I come to know about Chernobyl nuclear site while I was playing "Call of duty: Modern warfare".

Activision, the developer of call of duty franchise released 4 sequels of modern warfare.All of them are named as call of duty: modern warfare 1,2,3,4.

In all my gaming career,I've played various call of duty sequels but none of them gave me the same feeling as the modern warfare did.

If you have played any versions of call of duty, you may have heard the name of "Captain Price".

In a mission Captain Price addressed Pripyat, Chernobyl as a ghost town. He also said in Chernobyl,once thousands of people lived together.

After completing all the missions in call of duty, I become curious about the nuclear energy and than I've found out a tragic history.

I've watched lots of YouTube videos where tourist tried to enter into Chernobyl exclusion zone and tried to show us how catastrophic that nuclear accident was.

Do you know that Chernobyl is still not suitable for human habitation and it'll not suitable to live for another thousand years.

So all of us in our lifetime, we'll not be able to see Chernobyl as a happy human habitation.

As the radioactivity is so high, so Chernobyl is completely unsuitable for human health. So I've gathered some data and some photographs today afternoon.

In my writing I'll be sharing my thoughts about nuclear energy and will listen from you.

-Now Chernobyl has become a new home of nature with lots of animals are roaming freely

As I've said Chernobyl is not suitable for human habitation for another thousand years because of its high amount of radioactivity.

But it is amazing to see how nature is sustaining, regrowing in Chernobyl.Nature always finds a way to survive but we humans are not.

If you look at the photos of today's Chernobyl you'll surely become amazed. You'll see deers, moose's, endangered species of horses are running through the woods of Chernobyl.

You'll see trees are growing, they are giving fruits and everything you see, you'll feel like nothing happened.

I've asked myself a question and I want you to ask yourself the same question too.Behind the Chernobyl nuclear disaster there was human fault.

And for this human fault,this city has become a ghost town today.Humans are not able to live there anymore but nature has found a way to sustain life. Now are you getting my point?

We've caused a huge nuclear destruction, now we are not able to live there anymore.But nature has found a new life there.

Nuclear energy is undoubtedly one of the greatest renewable and environment friendly energy source.

But if we can't handle it properly, this energy can bring catastrophic results.In the past two hundred years of human history, you'll see lots of nuclear activity from human.

Millions of people have suffered from those nuclear activities. We, humans are biggest problem of this earth and we are slowly pushing ourselves to extinction.

Image via Euronews travel

-Chernobyl disaster not only effected Pripyat but also the whole Europe.

I was looking at some photographs of the aftermath of nuclear disaster.I've seen a vegetable vendor showing a sign in the streets of Germany.

It said that the vegetables are not radioactive or contaminated.The radioactive materials can exist in the vegetables that grows on that contaminated soil.

I've seen a photograph of Poland where some people are washing cars they thought those are radioactive.

So if you are living far far away from the radioactive zone, there is chance of become a victim of radioactivity.Nuclear energy is not a problem until it creates as disaster.Mass people like us becomes victims of this type of nuclear disasters.

I'll attach some links and I'll tell you to see the photos to calculate how disastrous that Chernobyl incident was.



Nuclear energy is like playing with fire, if it breaks out it'll not only damage that specific area but also the whole locality.

No matter how far you may live, there is still some chance, you may become a victim of it. Just within a few seconds a locality can become a ghost town.

Here I've shared my thoughts regarding nuclear energy and now here is my question don't you think we humans should think again about the disastrous effect of nuclear energy?

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