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5 very interesting practices around the world!

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4 months ago

How much do we know the world?

How much do we know the practices people do around the world?

Let's dive into the five most interesting practices around the world.Lets start:

1) Asking for salt in Egypt!

First let's go to Egypt.Say you are invited to a party in Egypt and if you want to add more salt to your food than its better not to ask for more salt.

Because it is seen as bad to ask for more salt.They feel it as a matter of disgrace.

2) Timely appearance in Venezuela!

Now let's go to Venezuela.We are invited in a gathering.It will be very better if you just not reach there at time.Just go there at least fifteen or twenty minutes late.

If you reach there in time,it is thought that you are very hungry and very eager to eat.So a friendly reminder,if you are in Venezuela don't reach any party in time.Be late!

3)Dish breaking tradition in Germany!(Polterabend)

We haven't added more salt,we are late for the party now we are in a marriage ceremony of Germany.If you are marrying in Germany,a funny nightmare is waiting for you.Why I said funny?

All the invited guest,friends and family members will break the dishes and the bride and groom will have to clean up everything all the breakings.It is seen as a test for the new bride and groom.It is a test of how to work together in a very stressful situation.Happy marriage!!!

4) A buffet for monkeys in Thailand

We were in a marriage ceremony,now let's go to Asia.We are heading to Bangkok,Thailand.

In Thailand, Every year a huge feast is organized only for the monkeys.If you are in Thailand,you will enjoy this amazing event.All kinds fruits and vegetables were displayed in Bangkok for the grand feast of monkeys.

5) Wrestling of camels in Turkey

We have witnessed a great feast of monkeys now let's go to Turkey,for the camel wrestling.

Ever heard of camel wrestling?You have heard of bull fighting!But camel wrestling?It's a event,where two male camels fight with each other.Only who doesn't retreat or escape wins.

Thank you for reading.Pardon my mistakes.

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Written by   72
4 months ago
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