Poem about toys

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5 days ago

One is always a favorite.

The other is broken.

Some are full of dust.

Some don't have a wheel.

Some don't have a trailer,


They are always in the room.

They always stay the way you leave them.

They are never hungry.

They are never thirsty.

They just wait and wait.

They are waiting for you to take them.

To play with them.

What happens when you fall asleep?

What happens when all the lights go out?

Then another world emerges.

The world of toys.

A broken old truck revives.

An old doll with disheveled hair.

Uninflated ball.

A broken teapot starts beeping.

The plush dog comes to life.

It doesn't matter how old you are,

whether you play or not,

toys are there for you.

If nothing else,

there will always be good memories.

Author: Musician

Thanks a lot for reading.

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Ahhhh i like it. Thanks for reminding this kind of poem. Toys is our bestfriend before.

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5 days ago

Way back when I was a kid I also have many toys and I don't want those to get broken.

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5 days ago