Poem about silence

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1 year ago

It was supposed to be quiet tonight.

I still can't hear it.

It's hard to hear.

I know why.

It's gone, it's lost.

That's why it's hard to hear.

When you learn to hear it,

when you learn to listen to it,

when you learn to talk like that,

with your mouth shut,

you have learned a dumb language.

No need to talk much.

The less you talk,

the less chance you have of making mistakes.

But where to find it?

I've been hearing it hard lately.

I know why.

They are very loud.

They don't know how to introduce themselves quietly.

There is a lot of noise everywhere.

They are used to winning by shouting.

And it got loud.

So I wonder if we hear it at all.

Let's get it back.

Let's get it back quietly.


Author: Musician

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