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8 months ago

It's not there today.

It will be there tomorrow.

It stopped by yesterday,

but I didn't use it.

How does it work?

Why is it hiding?

Why can't we find it sometimes?

And sometimes we can't control it,

how much of it there is.

I know!

If you smile even when it's a gloomy morning,

if you're in a good mood even when everything isn't great,

if you are positive even when you are facing a difficult day,

if you help someone even when you can't help yourself,

it will come.

It must come.

You are an inspiration.

Your feelings are an inspiration.

You create inspiration yourself.

Author: Musician

Thanks a lot for reading.

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I am happy because you come back inspired.

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8 months ago

No matter how dark it is there were always a light after all🥰

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8 months ago

I am happy to read this inspiring poem this morning. It was full of motivational words 🥰.

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8 months ago