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Poem about coin

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5 months ago

Small and big.

Big and small.

Who would have thought it could be so big,

and at the same time so small.



Untouchable in every way.

Many storms befell him.

Lots of earthquakes.

Lots of mishaps.

A lot of tension when the disasters start.

But he survives.

He doesn't give up easily,

and stands proud.

With head held high.

And it's not his first time.

He is more experienced now.

He will get up.

He will rise stronger and more powerful.

How would he even know to stand up,

if he doesn't fall?

He smiles at everyone.

He smiles secretly.

Because he trusts whoever trusts him.

So smile too!

Enjoy the art of survival.

Learn how to survive.

Author: Musician

Thanks a lot for reading.

Lead image source: unsplash

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