Poem about a poem

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1 year ago

Dim light in the room.

Two candles burning above the piano.

Cigarette smoke leaves traces in the air above the candles.

You can hear the candle burning and you can hear the pencil on the paper.

A diligent hand writes and erases.

The piano is cluttered with papers.

Nobody manages.

Nobody knows what the first page is,

and which is the last one.

Only he knows.

He knows exactly where he left off and what he needs next.

Inspiration is coming.

He plays the first few rows.

There is a thump of the foot on the floor.

He sings softly and writes verse by verse.

A few notes, then a few verses.

Light another cigarette.

Because the first one burned down, he didn't even touch it.

He leans on piano races, gets up,

and again there is a crumpling of paper.

He is looking in the bucket for the paper he threw away yesterday.

Laughter, cough and hoarse voice.

That's it, "it's over now".

With the crackling of a candle,

with the sound of a pencil on paper,

with a couple of yellow stains of wax,

and with the help of an old piano,

a poem about a poem was written.

Author: Musician

Thanks a lot for reading.

Lead image source: unsplash

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Beautiful, I want to be learn to write a poem like you do. It's awesome.

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1 year ago