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The 19 sins that are tongues with the tongue !!

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1 year ago

1) Someone's name is bad and name zero. 2) Bad mocking or mock.

3) Porn and bad words.

4) Give somebody's silence.

5) Conscious of anyone.

6) Son of passion.

7) Cook.

8) Without being tried, privacy is necessary.

9) Must and talk about two (two) (two). 10) Speaking of useless and extra.

11) Receive the discussion and discussing the harassment.

12) To make anybody's grown.

13) Dakly in the sight.

14) Curse someone.

15) Praise someone to face or in front of him.

16) The false dream is called.

17) Visible shouting or shouting.

18) Take the taste of the harassment of the tunes with the tongue, to eat or eat.

19) Anyone's shoot or shown in a bad sense with the tongue.

The following hadith should be kept in front of us: It is narrated to be Saha bin Saaya (ra), said, "The Prophet said," The person who is between the two jaws (tongue) and the two miles of the two thighs, the guard will be guaranteed, and I will guarantee it. " (Bukari: 6474) The great Allah gives us the tunqil to cover the mouth and the tongue, Amin.

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