Relationships do not break in a day.

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The distance does not increase in one day. Relationships do not break in a day.

Both are gradual.

Dot by point the water freezes and one day becomes the sea. As the distance increased from inch to inch, a desert was formed between the two of them one day.

At the beginning it is not so understandable, then the intense push comes to the chest!

Have you seen the river break? The river bank does not break in one day. First the foundation breaks, then gradually cracks. Eventually, the bank collapsed and disappeared into the riverbed.

It doesn't take long to break, but it does take time to set the tone.

When trust in love is lost, the relationship naturally begins to weaken. Once upon a time the places of trust in each other were lost one by one. Gradually bitterness arose between the two. Suddenly, one day, the relationship broke down like the crack-caught bank of the river and the relationship sank! Like a river, love disappears in time.

A relationship that has no love, but respect, also survives.

A relationship that has intense love, but no respect, is very fragile.

Two people live with each other without love, but cannot live without respect.

Love is a relative matter, different to different people. But respect is more or less the same for everyone. When it is damaged, it can be felt intensely, even clearly seen with the naked eye!

The man I love doesn't love me, that's acceptable too. But that man is disrespecting me day after day, it is very difficult to accept!

People need respect for longevity. You can live in comfort even if you accept the existence of an enemy who respects you. On the other hand, even if the words of the man of love who disrespects you comes to mind, you will see that all thoughts are suddenly suppressed by murder! Respect in love is like oxygen, it takes love to keep it alive!

A short life! When that will be over, you will not get terai! What is the responsibility to live by enduring so much disrespect?

The man who loves you, at the same time disrespecting you with his words, with his rights, one day you will suffocate and die in such love of that man. Who will come to save that day? Family? Society? The so-called mentor or any well-wisher?

Understandably, no one will come! Write the word down on a piece of paper, and match it later. People only know how to put shackles on the feet of others, they don't know how to reduce the pain of the feet injured by the shackles. Those who know, they will not give time. No one knows who will give the time. But for a long time you have silently endured the blows of the shackles by looking into the eyes of these two groups!

On the dining table and in the chair of happiness, you will be deceived if you make unnecessary eye-shame in these two places!

Not only garbage but also some people have to know how to throw it in the garbage packet.

Some people look like human beings, they are just rubbish. Their real place is in the dustbin. They have to be thrown away before it's too late, otherwise one day the scent of roses will come to your nose and you will think that the source of this scent must be something foul-smelling!

It takes someone to go to a restaurant and eat pizza with someone, while it takes only the desire of the mind and pocket money. The people of the first group, one day pizza on their foreheads no longer in alliance. Because people will come, people will go; But pizza will stay, it can be eaten if you have money --- if you want and if you have money, you can eat it, only those who have the right to pizza for life!

Frankly, he doesn't know how to respect, he never deserves to be loved, he doesn't deserve to be respected. Move away as soon as you have time, do not trample his shadow! But you will lose everything in time!

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Great writing. keep it up dear. I am waiting for your next post like this. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖

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Thanks a lot of u dear

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