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You have to decide

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3 months ago

A bar of iron costs 5$

It will cost you 12 12$ if you make hooves for horses.

If you make needles out of it, it will cost 3500$. And if you make a balance spring for watches with it, it will cost 300,000$.

What you make of yourself determines your value

If you sell clay in the market, the price will be very low.

But if you make utensils and sell them, it will cost a little more.

If the same clay is cooked and made into bricks and sold, the price will be ten times.

And if you sell the clay as a beautiful statue or sculpture, it will sell for millions.

What in the world do you present yourself as?

An ordinary, traditional and negative thinking person or a good, positive and peaceful loving spreadable useful precious man?

You have to decide !!!

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