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Suicide and our society

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5 months ago

Suicide and today's young generation

Today's society is so anxious for harmony with its future and the world around it that sometimes due to deep frustration and depression they lose the ability to think good and bad thoughts because they do not tolerate stress and anxiety. Can do And that's why they choose the path of heinous suicide.

Failure in examinations, lack of opportunity to study in the desired university, breakdown of illness, stress of domestic financial problems, mental anguish, rape, sexual harassment, etc. Suicide rates in various developing countries are increasing day by day. Is happening Including Bangladesh

In 2013, Oshi was a 16-year-old Yabal in Bangladesh. While intoxicated, he killed his father shortly after his father tied him to Eba. The news spread in Bangladesh and he was brought to justice.

But because of this heinous crime, the people of the society hated him. Because of this hatred, a college girl in Dhaka was named Oshi and she hated her friends and classmates so much that she was forced to ask her parents to name her. But her parents did not accept her request and later she could not bear the harsh words of the college society and she even chose the path of suicide. Unfortunately, this cruel society of ours is responsible for his suicide.

Not only Owaisi but thousands of such Owaisi are choosing to commit suicide every day by accepting sexual harassment, rape, criticism of a society and harsh words.

So who is responsible for their suicide?

Those who attempt suicide or us or our cruel society ??

When we hear the news of suicide, it is very easy to say why a person will commit suicide and why they are so stupid or crazy. But we never think that the abominable thoughts and slanders of our oppressive society will force them to commit suicide.

After a girl is abused, if she is abused, slandered and accused by society and family at the same time, it is natural that her mentality is so negative. It will change that she has no place in this world to live ... and that is why she is deeply saddened and has committed suicide.

Similarly, if you put so much pressure on your child during the exam that they do not have the ability to carry the load and if they fail the exam, instead of explaining to them, you will force them to listen and ignore them. Punish, then how will they survive?

Even when the suicidal person prepares to commit suicide in deep despair and depression, just 2-1 minutes before death he / she realizes how precious life is and wants to live but Unfortunately, he has no more time.

We know that suicide is a heinous sin and we know that there is no forgiveness for this crime. But before anyone commits suicide, we must explain the reason to our society and change our cheap mentality. Then the suicide rate in the society and the country will be less.

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Written by   94
5 months ago
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Some people are frustrated by their family or by something. In every action their must be something behide it

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5 months ago