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5 months ago

Good Afternoon Happy Saturday Have a Nice Day!!!

What is the most important part of the body?

My mother would often ask me, “Tell me! What is the most important part of the body? ”

I have been giving different answers to this question year after year thinking that maybe now I have reached the right answer.

When I was little I thought sound was very important to us, so I said, “Amy! My ears ”

He said, "No, there are a lot of deaf people in the world. Think more. I'll ask you again."

Many years later he asked again!

I stressed my mind more than before and said, “Amy! Eyes are very important for everyone, so the answer should be eyes.

He looked at me and said, "You are learning fast, but this answer is not correct because many people in the world are blind."

Then there was a failure and I became engrossed in the search for more knowledge - and then many years later my mother repeated the same question a few more times and as always her answer was "No - but you were smarter day by day. are you going-"

Then one year my grandfather died - everyone was sad - everyone was crying - even my father cried - I remember it especially because I had never seen him cry.

When it was time to carry the body, my mother asked, "Do you know what the most important part of the body is?"

I was very surprised that this question on this occasion! I always thought it was a game between me and my mother.

He read the confusion on my face and said! "This is a very important question. It shows that you are lost in your life. Every answer you gave me was wrong and I told you the reason why. But today is the day when you This is an important lesson to learn. "

He looked at me with the eyes of a mother and I saw his tear-filled eyes - he said! "Son! The most important part of the body is the shoulder.

I asked! "Is it because they're holding my head up?"

"No, the reason is that when your loved one is crying in pain, they can support his head - everyone needs that shoulder at some point in life I can only hope and pray that there are lovely and sincere people in your life too, that you can put your head on their shoulders and cry when needed.

It was then that I learned that the most important part of the body cannot be selfish - it is made for others - it is a companion and sympathizer to the pain of others. .........

Thanks for reading !!!

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Written by   93
5 months ago
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