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Congratulations to all the friends. The coin has landed in the stock market and is available on the Bananas Exchange. Apart from this, other companies are also showing it on their daily charts with a plus mark. The growth rate is + 0.54425 but this is the process. It is as if the germination of the seed is very slow. Yes, when a small plant emerges from the earth's crust and when it is available to the hands of an expert financier in its work and the favorable natural environment, No one can stop and this plant of Pi (IOU) is available for enthusiastic and skilled hand carving in the form of pie core team. Keep up the spirits and add more friends to the circle. Market it as your investment. If a man does not accept your invitation, he is doing himself a disservice. What happens to your father tomorrow, God willing? We will narrate how we believed in the words of an unseen friend and today Allah has rewarded us for it. Instead of telling their story, these friends will think with embarrassment that fate has come to our door. Knocked but we closed the door that opened with our stupidity. Friends who do not run the app or uninstall it after entering the pie circle and just keep listening to my speeches, these speeches are of no use to them. Congratulations to them that Pie is on the path of progress, time is still knocking at your door,

What are you afraid of?

Then see what God does ...

If you haven't downloaded the Pie app yet, download the app from the link below,

👉I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (Munnaktk) as your invitation code.

Here is my referral code, also called invitation code. 👉(Munnaktk)

Refer to Inbox for further guidance.

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1 month ago
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