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0.1$ Tip For Those Who Use my reffral Code in Pi Network app 👇👇👇 Download the Pi Network App from my link and make account.... Pi Network Is upcoming Bitcoin 🎊 "Pi Network Coin" A new cryptocurrency is going to be launched in the market which is starting just like BTC. In 2009, the BTC cryptocurrency started with a similar free mining and had a coin rate of $ 0.003. And today the rate of the same coin is $ 9200. Meaning 1.5 million 28 thousand Pakistani rupees. Pi Coin has also started free mining from March 14, 2019. And there will be free mining for about 6 more months. But after 6 months, the joins will not be free. In this auto-mining system, all you have to do is download one piece of software from the Play Store for free and click the button once every 24 hours to start mining for the next 24 hours. This way you can mine 5 free coins every day. The system will launch its currency rate on the World Online Currency Exchange 6 months later. And over time, that is likely to increase. Right now we have a golden chance to collect 5 coins daily for free. The internet is on standby these days anyway. What's the harm if I get free earning along with it? #StepToJoinPiNetwork 1️⃣Download Link :: Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 7 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (Munnaktk) as your invitation code.

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