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I cried like a woman for the first time

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2 months ago

A year after the marriage, my sister was sitting next to me

She says get married now, get serious ... When you get older, you don't get a relationship ... and take care of your wife

I laughed and said you are saying as if your in-laws do not even give you bread

Suddenly she turned yellow and started crying

I was scared why she started crying

"They don't give me bread," I said. What do you mean?

Says brother, when the husband leaves the father-in-law for a few days, life becomes difficult for me, I do all the work, iron everyone's clothes, one meal at a time is only to make 5 kg of curry, then up to 3 dozen loaves. Jethani never shook hands. I never even thought of being a guest. I eat the leftovers by dipping them in water because the curry is either over or Jethani locks it in the fridge. My daughter was in my womb. Even then, I got the job done, even after the delivery, when the husband left together, he put me to work ... (I am a man, I am not weak to cry, but I cried like a woman that day, I don't know when I cried. ..) She said, "Brother, I don't want to hurt you people, nor do I want to make my husband angry with his family. Your not giving me bread made me cry ..."

There was helplessness which told me that even as a man today I can't do anything for my sister ....

May God bless everyone's sister and daughter. Ameen!!!

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Written by   93
2 months ago
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