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Happy sunday

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4 months ago

Happy sunday

Assalam o Alaikum

Sunday is a very important day for us and it is a very important day for students .Students wait for the whole week because this day comes after 1 full week. When the friday comes, the children hope that now Sunday is also coming and now Sunday will be our day of rest. The children go to school for the whole week and go to college, the family does not allow them to take a single holiday, due to which the children are very much awaited for Sunday. 

​Sleep is also done on Sundays and people do not even go for walks on Sundays because I do the same because I do not go for walks on Sundays also just complete my sleep.On Sunday, some guests are also provided, due to which work is also filled in the house.  

​Do you go on a walk on sunday .It just makes you sleepy ?

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