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5 months ago

Hi, awesome!  

Trenndian & Nature lovers hope all were fine and enjoying a happy moment of life.

Let's talk about FLOWERS

I know!!!!!!!! Everyone like and love flowers there is a million reason for loving and attraction. What do you say when I saw flowers everywhere? 


In the morning blooming of blossoms and softness, not comparable and imaginable, if you observed you know well.

Flowers are a very short existence, how many happy moments are left in a short life. From the time they open to the time they vanish, they are exposed to various conditions. 


Their fragrance, not only attracts human beings but also makes the birds and insects of the earth go crazy.  Our mind fresh in fragrance in the company of flowers,  you know all the flower have not attractive fragrance but some have unexpected 


 Since childhood, I remember when no one in the garden I plucked all beautiful flowers

And break them, play with flower, I want every beautiful in my hand, after some time it loses beauty and leave them, and plucked new one when my father saw this type of bad habits they guides and me about nature

In the field of medicine, in the field of love 💕 heart to heart, for mind freshness,  for celebration, everyone is a huge topic to write.

🌹 Thanks for reading 🌹

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Written by   94
5 months ago
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