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Don't focus on your problems just focus on the solution!!!

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4 months ago

Good morning!


​Beautiful mates 

​As we all know that life is a test and as long as we are alive we have to face every problem that happens during it so guy's That is the advice I will give you,just focus on the solution not the problem because The more we put any problem on our head, the more it stays on our mind,If we put our brains into this solution, our lives will be much easier for us...

​If our Lord caused us a problem, He would have a solution, but for that we need to think with our minds, but we only keep our minds in view of our problems because Our Lord afflicts us as much as we can bear..

​So why do we push ourselves out of one problem into another?

​Because our faith is weak, we do not consider ourselves worthy...

Before any problem, if you are ready to fight all kinds of problems, then man is never panicky, but believing in himself, one or the other solution must be found...

​thanks all for your support and your love ❤️❤️❤️

​don't forget to follow me ✌️✌️

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